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The optimistic article about immigration to Israel on , writes about the emigration to Israel; making it perhaps the only place in the middle east, other than the oil rich gulf states, where people from the west come to live and  not drown in boats desperate to leave.

Israel is definitely the only place where young people between the ages of 18 and 35 decide to live in the middle east despite the news headlines of Syria, just 100 km. to the north, Gaza brewing near by, and stabbings, shootings, fires by terrorists, Iran building an atomic bomb near by , Iraq , Lebanon in a constant state of turmoil  

However there is some advice i would give to every mother who has a young  adult child emigrating to the middle east  to tell her emigrating  young adult armedandsexyleia-officialpixchild ; 

If a terrorist attacks with a stone/knife/ gun/ molotov bottle/ do not hesitate to please the EU/ Den Hague international court/Obama and kerry / the UN , but shoot or do anything to stop the terrorist from violence. There is no reason to fear the court of law and there is no logic in a law that says shooting a terrorist, someone who had actively sought to kill someone else for no reason other than a violent goal of killing, is not legal. 

There is nothing to be proud of when a dead terrorist’s life is considered sacred but the nonviolent population are legitmate targets because of political agendas of certain western countries, so this advice: if a terrorist is lying on the ground, or just seems not dangerous, and has just attacked, do not hesitate! 

The morality of mothers whose sons and daughters do not seek to murder others should count more than that of hypocrites who send soldiers to kill in wars in Iraq and invade countries in the middle east but judge building of houses and shooting of terrorists as illegal, if the law says terrorists lives are more important than the people they try to kill, then the law is just plain stupid and should not be kept. 

Terrorists are people who try or succeed in killing other people for whatever motive it does not matter what the motive is, if no one is attacking them, and they just want to end the life of someone else, they should not be spared when there is even a small risk they can attack again and that risk is great when they are raised in a culture where incitement for violence is broadcast, and encourages shamelessly so when encountering a terrorist- do not fear the court of law that says that shooting a murderer is a crime. 

when there are terrorists shooting people in the streets or anywhere where people live then it is not a matter of being politically correct but survival. 

There is no excuse for shooting or stabbing people randomly just because a person is not happy with the political situation .It would be a completely different matter if a soldier shoots an unarmed by stander , but shooting a terrorist should not be a reason to put on trial, therefore i expect the chief of staff who abandoned the Israeli soldier to resign , it is not a reason to be proud when a shot terrorist is treated as though he did not stab /shoot/ or try to kill. Ignoring the criminal intention of terrorists is justifying terror and no intitiated violence is justified. 

This is not a cultural war, nor a religious war, but a war about the law, that permits criminals to kill or try to kill because they are unhappy with the political situation, and that is something that can not  and should not be tolerated. 

Soldiers must follow instructions but if they disobey and they shoot a terrorist then that can not be possibly considered manslaughter if the law is unbiased and the judges examine the circumstances but when judged act out of a motive of presenting the country as tolerant to terror then a decision to prosecute a soldier shooting a terrorist can not be seen as necessary. 

It is time Israel acts with stronger laws against violence and that includes all ethnic groups. 

A trial should judge an act based on circumstances not political slogans.

Terrorists endanger every society and any act of violence excused by political motives is even more dangerous,it should not be allowed for a fraustrated or incited person to attack attempting to kill anyone not threatening them.

There should not be tolerance for any act of terror;too many terrorists have been rewarded by the Palestinian authority whose president ,Abbas,wrote a PhD in denying the scope of the holocaust and has the key position to decide the recognition of  Israel’s capitol by the U.S.,borders and other matters.

When violent criminals are rewarded the result is more crime not less.

Any sane society that wishes to keep on keeping its civilian population alive and thriving must not reward terror by keeping them in jail,oftentimes educating them and rereleasing them to kill again. 

Keep on keeping the society safe ought to be a goal not keeping the terrorists alive and their terror encouraging  leadership honored by the EU and U.N..

Terror is not about religion or an ideology, it is a mad pursuit of violent power.let’s keep it controlled by not rewarding terrorists and the authorities that teach them that killing pays.


“For the third year in a row (2014-2015-2016), Tel Aviv is the top Aliyah destination. During 2016, an additional 2900 immigrants chose to make Tel Aviv their new home in Israel.

In the past year, Israel welcomed some 27,000 immigrants, according to a report by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption. 11% of the new immigrants chose to settle in Tel Aviv, the Nonstop City.

The report also showed that most of the immigrants who arrived in Tel Aviv hail from Russia (715), France (526) and the United States (252).

Immigration to Tel Aviv has come to be characterized by youth; approximately 9,500 of the new immigrants are between the ages of 18 and 35, joining a third of Tel Aviv’s population that is of the same age sector.

Also called the Startup City, Tel Aviv is home to 1,450 early stage startups. The city also has Israel’s highest amount of startups per capita, with 28 startups per square kilometer and one startup for every 290 residents. 2,400 of the Olim have a background in high-tech and engineering, providing a perfect match for Tel Aviv’s startup scene, which is looking to scale-up to international markets.

“Absorption and Aliyah is an important asset for Tel Aviv-Yafo, and I am proud that the support that this city is providing to immigrants, proved itself over the years,” said Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai. “We feel honored and welcome the immigrants, who chose to make Tel Aviv their new home and contribute by making this city more interesting, diverse and cosmopolitan.”

Immigration and Absorption Committee Chairman Shlomo Maslawi said, “I am proud to be standing at the head of a municipal system determined to integrate immigrants effectively into the Tel Aviv-Yafo society. These new immigrants contribute immensely to the diversity of the local culture and economy. I would like to thank our partners at the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption who are working with us in order to make sure these new immigrants feel at home in Tel Aviv-Yafo.”

“I am happy and proud to be standing at the head of the municipal absorption department, which is devoted to providing new immigrants with the assistance they need, in a variety of languages, in order to help them build their home and future in Tel Aviv-Yafo,” said Department of Immigration Absorption Director Amir Dror.

“Tel Aviv offers Young Jewish professionals from around the world an innovative and creative nonstop lifestyle that is comparable to global cities such as New York, London and Berlin,” said Tel Aviv’s Global & Tourism’s CEO, Eytan Schwartz. “Out of the 61 cities studied, Tel Aviv was ranked 8th in the Global Cities Ranking.”


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