it’s been

It’s been

a life of a Russian dissident ;

It’s been a locked up existence 

and once the door was slightly open, 

there was a hammer banging on the head 

a coconut cracked and all that was inside 

dripping like the melted snows of the year before 

and the one before that, and before that , 

to no end, 

it’s been cathedral bells ringing in the silent night 

it’s been a  satisfactory silent solitude 

and that ‘s a fact!

It’s been 

nights staring at the silent  stars 

seeking a gaze to look right back 

it’s been real quiet here 

with so many walking by 

and no one coming near . 

It’s been beautiful sailing upon 

smooth lake water, 

where the fish can not be seen 

and only the seagulls diving without a scream ,

It was beautiful some days 

it was even sweetly serene some nights

but it is where i have been

and no longer wish to be seen..






About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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