She attempted to run away, she escaped through a fence when we walked towards the train as if she knew what was coming, she tried hiding behind a Cathedral, being Swiss, she had her sentiments regarding religion as a refuge place however  loud i shouted, she refused to come back..

Finally we were on the train, i tried to calm her down, we took a tram and changed, walking slowly through ice covered streets towards the clinic..

She had to be carried in, an elderly  shy spaniel trembled and she become more aggressive and had to be told to calm down, then a lady with a cat appeared questioning whether she would become aggressive ..honestly, what did she expect of her? 

The doctor asked for her assistant to hold her, they tied a plastic tube around her arm ,and attempted to find a vein , not a lot of blood came out, then she tried higher up, i got nervous, this is trust, i thought, a doctor is sticking a needle near a major artery, if she misses there will be a fountain of blood, not just the small drops of dripping blood, and how red it had been a long time since i saw her blood , how similar it was to mine..

After a struggle , she would not be held, i suggested in my most polite request that i hold her, since i had some experience working in a clinic as a teenager , they agreed and we found a comfortable position , hugging her to my chest, the doctor then found the vein and filled the syringe with enough red blood for a proper test.. 

We should have the results in one week said the grey haired tall lady doctor, and i paid the price asked for , thinking of all the people who would not have , those six kilograms of red blood cells and short orange hair  now  gradually more and more  snow white in the face ,were my best friend, and she was going to fly for the first time   and probably last time in an airplane  if her test results would prove she had enough antibodies for rabies ..

“this is it “, i whispered to her, “we’re are really  moving.” 


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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