why is it ?

Why is it that a court decision to legalise a radical right party with a clearly racist antisemitic agenda in Germany  is  horrifying so many jews but 

why is it that a certain man and his clan of misfits who love the jews because

  1. The groups of  Christians who  look forward to converting jews or keeping them in a conflict crucified and martyred like their icon figure?
  2. The sort of people who declare  (guess who ) openly that they want a short fat jew in the accounting department and not other minorities .
  3. The sort of people who appoint a person without any qualification or experience in negotiations to head diplomatic efforts in the middle east just because he is a jew from New Jersey who does not even go to Israel for Chanuka but obviously there is something in the Matza ball soup that makes any jew have the right qualifications for negotiating with the Palestinians because aren’t all jews the same ? A good head in business, bad in sports, good in making money and keeping it , and negotiating good deals?

What you are not ALL alike ?

So in the old Jewish tradition of not mentioning names, lets not mention names but lets just ask questions, in the old Jewish tradition of asking questions, because surprise surprise being Jewish or Christian or Moslem or Buddhist is something learned and there is no real estate gene, but then i could be wrong…

But just explain to me someone, anyone, why is it that there are so many jews around the world so sure that someone who has declared racist policies, and has more than 7,000 rabid radical followers , not just on tweeter , will bring peace to the world, and make everything alright? 

I don’t know about most Moslems but if someone openly banned my group and generalised all as suspects of crimes, without seeing us as complex diverse group of inner tribal conflicts and not a herd of sheep in the highlands, i would feel slightly offended and would not be inclined to feel too generous..


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