Monologue of a mourning widow

Contrast the following monologue of a grieving widow to the celebration and handing out of candy in Gaza after a father of four  is shot dead while driving over three young women and a young man in their early 20’s intending to murder them in order to be a martyr  and hero in his sub human sub “culture” .

Contrast the cultures; one that is condemned by the UN and the other praised by both the UN and the Pope and embraced by the vatican and if you think you know which one, think again …no, not the culture that mourns the dead and wishes to live in peace is embraced and then wonder, why?
‘My husband was not killed. He was murdered. Period.’

‘My husband was not killed. He was murdered. Period.’
Wife of murdered police officer slams those who try to say attack was not terrorism, recounts how she learned of her husband’s murder.
Contact Editor Arutz Sheva Staff, 19/01/17 22:54

Erez LeviErez LeviPolice Spokesperson

Clara Levy, the wife of officer Erez Levy, who was murdered in a terrorist ramming attack in Um al-Hiran yesterday, rejected the attempts to argue that the attack was not nationally motivated.

“My husband was murdered. Period.” she told Channel 2. My husband was not killed. My husband was murdered in the line of duty. I know who my husband is. He protected everyone with his own body. He was the first to go inside, the first to give.”

Levi said that she woke up at 4:20 AM Wednesday morning after her husband had left for his police shift that night. She checked that her mother and children were sleeping soundly and texted her husband to come back to bed.

“I wish,” Erez replied.

Levi texted back: “I love you, my life. Take care of yourself.”

Later that morning, she received news of the attack. She again messaged her husband. “Erez, I saw on the news that there was an evacuation in the Negev. One dead. Call immediately. I’m worried.” By then, Erez was already dead.

When officers arrived at her home to tell her that her husband was not coming back, she told one of them emotionally: “I will open the door for you on the condition that you tell me he is wounded. If he is wounded, I will help him get back to himself. If not, then get out of here.”

Now Levi is left to raise her two children, a five year old daughter and a two year old son, by herself. “In the end, everybody around me now will go back to their own warm homes, that’s the way it is. I will stay to raise my two children, and that is fine. That is my lot.”

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