someday we’ll know: Swiss social services revisited

“Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?

Did the captain of the Titanic cry?

Oh, Someday we’ll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll know
Why I wasn’t meant for you…
Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
Or what the wind says when she cries?
I’m speeding by the place that I met you”

-Someday we’ll know- America


Today  visiting the Swiss social services, was a trip straight to the very belly , the very center of hell on earth. 

I dared to arrive after weeks of writing emails and phoning went unanswered, a fortress protects the social workers who are always away, on vacation, in a meeting, unavailable, etc. etc. 

The swiss court appointed a social worker to supervise the children , and so she has the power to say no to every idea i can think of and after i raised my voice, she officially made it illegal for me to enter the building and bother her with my opinion that she should actually do something besides go on vacations and meetings while my children live with a violent father who does not pay for them and leaves them alone while he travels, and spends his money on himself as every narcisstic self obsessed psychopath should, not caring whether they have enough food or clothing even though he earns an above average salary, he claims he does not have money and that he has to  support his girlfriend, a middle aged psychopath who rants about Palestinians 24/7 …despite the fact my children are of no fault of their own, through birth, half Israeli and jewish, a crime that is without redemption in her  distorted eyes. 

The head of the social services came out, saw me, began to shake like a leaf and says to me” you are not allowed in here”

” Please leave”

I tell him i have an appointment with a therapist for my son who is depressed and could the royal highness swiss social worker please make sure my son goes to his appointment since he is too depressed to get out of the apartment, she has not bothered visiting and inspecting that the children have no food to eat or no winter clothes to wear.. i am really tired of me doing their jobs and then getting labeled as an unfit mother but since the swiss right wing judge appointed this middle aged Ukranian childless woman as responsible for the children i gave birth to and raised till my mother died and i got depressed, i ask that she makes sure my son goes to his appointment, i also need to make an appointment with a dentist whom he has not seen since having moved to live with the violent father ..who is a teacher in the swiss school system but is too busy demonstrating against Israel to take care of the boy and make sure he goes to school and to a doctor. 

This is switzerland,  a country that prides itself as having the UN , human rights groups , caring for everyone but they are unable to make sure that children do not end up with violent fathers, that is a task beyond their humanitarian neutral borders..


Imagine swiss social workers locked up behind steel doors , protected better than the pentagon , and meanwhile my children live with a violent father who had attacked in the past and is now engaged in mental abuse. 

My children are frogs who when spend enough time in boiling water, stop fighting and struggling…someone tells them to take drugs, to take care of their depression but meanwhile that same person does not notice that they are living in boiling water forced to hear their father and his partner’s mad ranting on the middle east, and their compassion for the Palestinian cause but not minding that one son is overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenting his two year old younger sibling while their father plays house with his partner and leaves them alone on their own night after night, not sure when he will show up, when there will be money for food and so the therapist gives one son drugs and another son stays home, without a winter jacket, claiming he does not feel the cold of minus 7, because to stop feeling is how the frogs survive the boiling water the swiss court system had thwon them in.

Fortunately the Swiss churches are strong and rich and use their money to provide counseling services for free, unlike the blood sucking therapist i had who kept me on his leash 12 long years playing the wailing wall, not offering any sort of guidance in my confused cluttered world and then without a psychiatric diagnoses i found myself without therapy and surprise surprise no one to listen to me and support me because the problem with therapists who get paid by the health insurance is that when there is no money flowing into their overloaded bank accounts , they do NOTHING, because as Clark Gable so eloquently put it” frankly scarlet , i dont give a damn..”

I am not about to convert to Christianity however i do admire how the churches especially the Catholic church in Switzerland provides counseling services for free with people who actually genuinely care if you jump in front of the train or not and since the church pays for them , they do not care how much money you provide them , they are free to be human without playing the accountant too. 

Too many therapists only “care ” if you pay, and if you can not pay, which is often the case with people who are depressed, often out of work and isolated socially , then they will not be your best friend and ardent listener which exactly why therapy is just a magic trick, you can not fake friendship through a bank account based relationship, although given the time , a therapist will explain to you in details how important it is that a patient pays for the time , but let me reveal a secret, there are human being walking this earth who actually will listen to you for free , and they are not graduates of medical school or  prestigious graduate programs in psychology but human beings. 

Psychology is the biggest fraud and crime , it robs people of their much needed  therapy if they are unable to pay..

Campaigns tell you these days how a mental problem is the same is breaking a leg or any other physical disease but while no one will turn away a man with a broken leg from treatment, a depressed poor person will not find the way to therapy easily given that therapists will not care for him or her unless they are paid, the same way , by the way, prostitutes do not love men without getting paid.. it works the same exact way; it is money that matters not the human being!

I walk the frozen streets slowly holding my aging puppy beneath my arm in a bundle with a blanket wrapped around her body, she is carried like this not wanting, not able to protest, except in occasional barks that seem to attract every hypersensitive psycopath within a 5 km radius..we stumble and fall and carry on, someday we might know the answer to all the questions but i am also prepared for the day that will just turn out to be  simply someday ..

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