The march of women: feminists with a hidden very unliberal agenda

“Thousands gathered in Washington DC on Saturday to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Friday, in what has been dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”.

The event, which was billed as a “diverse” gathering of anti-Trump voices was dominated by the far-left, with feminist pro-life groups barred from participating and a roster of radical speakers, including former Communist Party leader activist Angela Davis, feminist icon Gloria Steinem, union leader Dolores Huerta, and ‘social justice’ activist LaDonna Harris.

While intended as a protest of the president’s inauguration, the demonstration also focused on what organizers called the new administration’s challenges to women’s rights, immigration reform, and other causes.

But the event also became a forum for seemingly unrelated topics with little bearing on the inauguration – including the State of Israel.

The Jewish state and the Arab-Israeli conflict were raised at the march, including when Davis repeatedly referenced the issue in her 7-minute address.

Among a laundry list of demands, the 1960’s radical stressed the need to “guarantee the accessibility of water from the lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, to Flint, Michigan, to the West Bank and Gaza.”

Later, Davis demanded “justice for Palestine”, tying the issue of Palestinian statehood to women’s rights.

“Women’s rights are human rights all over the planet and that is why we say freedom and justice for Palestine.”

One of the march’s organizers, Linda Sarsour, repeatedly referenced the Arab-Israeli conflict, calling herself her “Palestinian grandmother’s” wildest dream.

“Most of all, I am my Palestinian grandmother – who lives in occupied territory – [her] wildest dream, and I am so proud to be here. Justice for all.”

Sarsour railed against what she termed the ‘silent suffering’ of American Muslims during both the Bush and Obama administrations.
“I stand here before you unapologetically Muslim-American, unapologetically Palestinian-American, unapologetically from Brooklyn, New York.”

“You can count on me, your Palestinian Muslim sister, to keep her voice loud, to keep her feet on the streets, to keep her head held high, because I am not afraid.”

According to a 2012 report by The New York Times, Sarsour admitted that some members of her family had been arrested for alleged ties to the Hamas terror organization.”

-Arutz sheva

Recent  angy demonstrations in the Palestinian territories were against the regime that has failed to provide basic necessities for its citizens, using the budget towards the violent uprising rather than provide water, electricity and basic needs for the winter but all this information is ignored by biased so called feminists who recruit the movement for equal rights for women in order to promote the Hamas and violent terrorist groups who act in violence indiscriminately towards civilians, such as a pensioner American human rights activists who was slaughtered on a bus in Jerusalem on his way to teach co existence of Arabs and Jews, a professor of sociology who had published a book about the rights of Palestinians was shot in the head while having a cup of coffee in a Tel Aviv unoccupied cafe last winter, and the list goes on and on, but that does not bother the conscious of the “righteous “women  who are irritated by a president who might actually do something about radical Islam rather than to befriend , sponsor and support it as in  the Clinton and Obama administrations not supporting human rights anywhere but those of terrorists to kill. 

The radical left recruiting for the march of women , threatening with violence against Donald Trump , saying they would bomb the white house , should inform themselves  first of all about violence and speech, and not practice what they speak against.

It is vital that those listening to the speeches  made by the passionate  feminists speaking about how women  in their beloved Moslem world are treated  and  the Palestinian territories , realise that the issues they speak about are actually much more deeply disturbing  than they present. Rather than call for the liberation of Palestine at the same time as the liberation of women, those educated feminists ought to review the information there is on how women are treated throughout the Moslem world with the Hamas regime in the Palestinian territories being  sadly, no exception. 

Although there is domestic violence throughout the world there are places where women are more likely to  be abused and it just happen to coincide with ideology according to which women are subhuman as well as anyone who does not subscribe to their extremist ideology. 

How dare Ms. Davis speak out for the struggle for the liberation of Moslem land and say she is against antisemitism, how dare ms. Davis speak out for women rights and yet not speak out against the abuse of women by radical Islam regimes ?


Ms. Davis speaks against violence against Moslems but if you are not trans women of color, she seems such a courageous defender of human rights till you listen to what she is really trying to sell ; the Hamas regime and the resistance means terror and murderous violence indiscriminatory whether one is old , young, female, male, jewish or just happen to be in the street ..whether it is Tel Aviv,  Jerusalem, Paris , Berlin, these murderous attacks are ideologically the same as the violence preached to in Gaza and the Palestinian territories inciting to murder anyone who might resist their “just” cause of taking over the middle east and inflicting people with their very unliberal and unjust treatment of women or anyone not radical Islam and that means most everyone, not to mention their deep hate of anyone of dark skin . 

Ms. Davis talks about resistance, she speaks against racism and antisemitism yet she has no problem calling for justice for Palestine not realising that by supporting the Palestinian cause, she supports a regime far more hateful for women and equal rights for all than any politican in America, she speaks from a place of ignorance of the cause of world radical Islam terror against also moslems, and she speaks of a resistance to a regime that she says is hateful but she does not mind speaking in hateful terms of Israel by supporting the Hamas, a violent terror organization that does not discriminate between murdering women, children or babies. 

This is why the extreme left has so much in common with the extreme right; they recruit for their so called just protests political agendas that have meant a repression of people who actually marched along side Dr. Martin Luther king jr. , a dear righteous man, she hijacks the cause just because she happens to be African American but have no doubt that there is nothing just or merciful in the Hama regime towards women murdered , treated in a discriminatory fashion and the LGBT do not have a right to live or breath  in Gaza or any Moslem regime , so what is she talking about ? what is speaking about ? 


Martin luther king jr. would certainly not support this sort of movement wp-1484179881413.jpg


All those Peace loving equality loving people who march in protest inject toxic material into their slogans, invoke violence and call for the sort of radical disorder and chaos and violence they speak against .


In Yemen Ms. Davis finds a sisterhood alliance amongst the liberated women of Yemen..


please watch how liberated women are in Yemen , and in other parts of the world where women are forced to cover themselves 


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