sheep mentality

Just to be perfectly clear: I was never and will never be a fan of Donald Trump however it occurred to me by reflecting in my nonsheep mind that the humanistic peace loving people had not brought peace to the world, quite the opposite: 

Lets not forget how President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE he even got a chance to demonstrate his actions in office which after eight years can be summed up in

*Syrian massacre and mass refugees into Europe 

*More racial tension and shooting of innocent African Americans by police 

*More violence in the middle east and more mixed messages to terrorists,

strengthening the powerhouse of terror in the middle east; Iran. 

So what is Madonna screaming about? Is that what she learned from studying mystic Kabbala; that if you are angry you blow up a building ? What about learning about why the man got so many votes ? Is it because there are so many racists in the USA or is it because so many people are not satisfied with beautiful  empty slogans which accumulated with More Americans killed overseas serving in the forces and more people getting killed in terror attacks because terrorists are encouraged by empty slogans and no action to stop them. 

I am doubtful Donald Trump will actually follow up on his promises , but even though he spoke racist ugly words, it might be in this odd logic of how the world works, that his actions might be different, and it seems that there are ways to change a regime without violence but those who are calling for violence in the name of tolerance and liberal values must be not bringing into consideration that someone is listening to their contradictory messages..

Kerry walking on a march with his dog after he gave Iran the power to blow up the middle east, is indeed a poster for hypocrisy, let the old disfunctional liars leave and give Donald Trump a chance to build something ,and if he does not get any  prestigious prizes , so be it. Let women become stronger as a result of standing up to bigotry and not accept liars who abuse women while supporting their wife for president.. let the sheep stop being sheep and try to see a different way where someone else might try to stop the mess the good hearted humanistic regimes who scapegoated Israel left behind, and let someone else have a chance to stop violence towards innocent people whether they are women, children or men. 




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