wp-image-1921363528jpg.jpg” I will speak to you in stone-language

(Answer with a green syllable)

I will speak to you in snow-language

Answer with a fan of bees) 

I will speak to you in water -Language

(Answer with a canoe of lightning)

I will speak to you in blood -language 

(Answer with a tower of birds) “

-Octavio Paz

So many letters collected at her feet , 

but all of them sent to someone else, 

and so few arrived to give messages 

of good wishes from someone else, 

and so,

if it has to be that the seeds planted 

became thorns

let them be thorns, 

and let the search for roses 


till somewhere on the horizon 

soft beautiful fragrant flowers 

will comfort those last years 

on earth ;

if nothing else matter

this hope matters. 

if nothing else will last, 

it does not matter,

for anything is better ,

beyond any need to explain,

than the consistent refrain 

of home grown

 pain .


The past 20 years have been a consistent outreach towards children who could not, would not see, the need to appreciate the gifts bestowed on them and so after 20 years of knocking on their doors, not being heard, not being seen, it is time to move on, to try to live the last years on earth in a better place, where someone might understand the good intentions of a soul struggling to be understood in foreign languages and in a culture where less is more and more is less..


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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