Trump in a new light

Like many people all over the world i too was horrified at a prospect that a man who spoke about women in such a deragatory fashion could be the leader of the so called free world.

However since having seen the demonstrations of women protesting i reflected upon the alternative and what Obama and Hillary Clinton brought the world;

The middle east burning with Syrians fleeing to Europe homeless thanks to nonaction of UN and US.

Human rights becoming 10%and ignoring the rest ;what about important issues concerning those of us who are not fortunate to be counted amongst the 10%LGBT ?what about child abuse domestic violence ,divorce courts abuse that touch upon millions of people not making headlines because the Obama adminstration focused on a struggle for bathrooms for transgender who are so few?

While human  rights and tolerance must be for every single person it really baffles me how the issue of marriage which is in my view a failed institution is embraced by people who are supposed to be different than the mainstream yet they insist on embracing every idiotic conservative flawed institution trying to be more normative than the normative.

Then there is Hillary Clinton,who proved to be a major libility to women liberation movenent by standing by her man who abused a young intern and abused his presidential position to abuse women and then she goes on to compromise national security by makong errors and hiring a personal assistant with the same bad judgement in choosing a partner.

Last but not least Israel.

The reaction of Palestinian leaders in outrage to recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol as if there was ever  time when Jerusalem was the capitol of their fictional nation that came to exist in 1967 but before that time they were Arabs residing in the region with no national ambition since they came from neighboring tribes and therefore had no demands from occupying Jordan or the Turkish empire but being ruled by the jews irritates them and suddenly they add Jerusalem,the jews historical capitol ,to their list of demands.

If Mecca and Medina are indeed central to every religious Moslem’s life why do millions of refugees flock to Germany and take advantage of European social services instead of like the jews return to their sacred religious capitols?

A mystery to me is that women who declare themselves feminists are enraged by the idea women might not so easily abort fetuses but are not marching by the millions against domestic violence that according to UN statistics touch upon one out of three girls and women worldwide in every nation.

It is beyond my comprehension why millions of women worldwide march to support abortion rights;why would anyone support the right of irresponsible women to kill a fetus and not speak out against the murder and violent beating of girls and women in every nation on earth?Why not fight for domestic violence to be recognized as a crime at last and to protect women rights to be free from violence inflicted by a spouse?

To all young women of reproductive age;yes,sex is how babies come to the world,it is not just a fun recreational activity,so keep your leggs closed and you won’t need legislation to legalize killing potential life.

Too long has the so called liberal leaders like obama distracted from the true threats to humanity;radical Islam ambition to take over lands and murder non radical Moslem people ,amongst them mostly Moslems ,and to simplify the equation to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Too long have feminists focused on abortion rights but what is more important than the right of a woman to murder her fetus is the right of every girl to grow up in a violent free environment.

Donald Trump is far from representing my values;his involvement in absurd humilating beauty contests,his talk of women as play things,his view of jews as instrumental to his business regardless of the consequences  leaves a lot to be desired however if this will be an opportunity to expose the hypocricy of so called liberal causes and to recall the damages left by the obama adminstration responsible for the Syrian disaster and the deterioration of mid east peace talks supporting violent terrorists rights to a fascist radical islam enclave next to Israel then Trump being voted president might no be as bad as initially had considered.

Europe has succumbed to the biggest fraud of the poor refugees escaping the middle east but the truth is the middle east is made up of many countries some more than rich enough to build the palestinians a huge country but if it were not for their greed;first they produce millions of jewish reefugees having kicked out their jews then they insist the tiny jewish state should give up its tiny territory to create one more nondemocratic dictatorship in the middle east and they actually made its creation a human rights issue?in which universe?

There are refugees everywhere in the world but the focus on one group of people who rejected sratehood again and again in favor of violence is a fraud that Trump ‘s adminstration will most probobly not cater to.

Let each nation clean up their mess,America failed to intervene to help humanitarian non oil interesrs in Syria so maybe now America will focus on rebuilding its shattered society .

Obama illusionary charm made people believe that people are united but that is a fascist idea;the diversity was ignored,the inner city struggles swept under the magic carpet and now with Trump the real issues of racism and social class struggles that had been ignored can resurface and be dealt with.

Voting for a president because he is of  African origin or born female is not a liberal idea at all and obama and Hillary Clinton both took a ride on people’s false belief that they will act to promote the  healing of racial divide or women being safe from objectifying and discrimination but they did not do much but to promote rediculous visions for transgender bathrooms but for the majority who are what they were born ;male or female of whatever color not interested in pseudo  mating with one’s own gender not much has been done.

Trump is not my messiah in message or form but he might be instrumental in exposing at last the hypocricy of pseudo liberal values.


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