conspiracy theories: why the swiss suck

The following video is not enough, it is also not so researched  but  switzerland is also where the Neo Nazis who are not allowed to officially gather and do concerts gather, as they did this past Autumn, there is also permission to place antisemitic posters in the main station of Zurich as if the Nazi era was not over. 

The Swiss suggested to the Nazis to place “J” on the passports of jews thus preventing them from escaping and they certainly did not take enough or almost any jewish refugees in, and punished a swiss official for helping jews in his position in Budapest. 

The Swiss are secretive because there is a saying in the bible 

“A silent fool is thought wise”

nothing to do with conspiracy at all, in my humble opinion .


The following video is biased and has some elements that are not clearly researched but if you know the history of switzerland, and how they burned jews in the middle ages in the old city of Zurich and did not allow jews to live in Zurich till 150 years ago and how it is the only country that bans Kosher and Halel slaughter, and indeed the few jews who live here who contribute to the film industry, tv and radio, and are prominent therapists and politicians are probably brainwashed as well since i have never encountered jews who are so unfriendly to Israel in general or towards other jews who are not from Switzerland . 

I am not convinced of the KKK theory but there are racists all over the world. 

The swiss cows are treated very well compared to cows all over the world, the biological farming allow the cows to enjoy fresh air and sunshine ( when the sun shines) and this goes for chickens and other animals they raise however personally i find it just another nice way to murder animals, still, i would not say the cows wearing bells is the worst swiss deed, though one lady from Holland did not receive swiss citizenship since she officially published an article against the cows wearing the heavy bells as part of her animal rights activity.

You can not get me on a flight out of here fast enough ,needless to say but i will miss the beauty of the land , just not the stupidity of the swiss willing to accept racist ideas and to hate foreigners instead of learning from them something about being a human being in this world, of a different color ,culture and creed. 

It is their loss, for sure..for to be a racist is a sad fate indeed..




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