The lessons of the holocaust today

My comments and questions as a result of the presentation : 

  1. I wonder how it is possible to brainwash an entire population that one group is the enemy ?
  2. Having watched the women’s march to Washington get hijacked by radical Islam  pro Hamas groups, i painfully listen to one speaker, who says she comes from Occupied land; Palestine, and i think about the use of the terms of the holocaust OCCUPATION; when the Israeli Jews who live in Israel purchased most of the land and whatever land was conquered was no different than other nations but for one fact, the use of HOLOCAUST TERMINOLOGY , occupation and an Arab Knesset Member actually called Trump and an Israeli minister openly Nazis, not to mention the show of another Arab Knesset member, an Arab Israeli citizen that gets paid to represent the interests of Arab Israelis and is busy attending holocaust events and presenting the Israeli jews as taking place of the Nazis, thus not only cheapening and dishonoring those murdered in the holocaust but by using these associations against the Israeli jews enflaming the emotions of a whole audience who wishes to give someone else the responsibility for the genoicide that had made living in Europe impossible for many jews traumatised and not willing to trust again non-Jewish leaders after they had betrayed them in west Europe. 
  3. Any administration that uses RACIST terms generalizing whole populations rather than to address an IDEOLOGY must be confronted in light of the holocaust and especially the use of jews against their own people, as i believe is done by the Trump administration, he promised the jews Jerusalem recognised, which is for me personally not important, he promised a son in law who has hardly been  active in the middle east, will bring peace, all these seem far fetched ideas as President elect Trump proceeds to ruin the environment, the conditions of native Americans , to strengthen the oil companies and to blame the foreigners for the economics , and to turn people more nationalists and more patriotic by hating “the other” which should be a huge red light for any jew but surprisingly many jews are easily manipulated by this sort of propaganda forgetting what it felt like to be on the other side and trusting a racist just because he encouraged his children to marry wealthy jews in powerful positions? 
  4. In light of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and his use of power games to deactivate the opponent , i wonder how it is possible for any human being who sees human rights as important to not object to this administration and especially people who had suffered from inequality. 

5. In our confusing world, the liberal voices as represented by Kerry and Obama are also not supporting the people who are massacred by the great super powers , the refugees flooding Europe were of no interest to Obama, who represents such beautiful human ideals and with this contradiction all people who care about human rights must live and admit, that the rise of Donald Trump was because of the liberals not being at all true to their values and too fearful to act to defend the human rights of those under the danger of violence of extreme forces. There must be no justification of Hamas and terror groups but unfortunately the Obama administration supported Hamas to the very end, transferring funds to them even when knowing these funds will be used to purchase more weapons to increase the violent struggle against the democratic alley of US. 

6. How is it possible that still today Israel is seen by many as the enemy and the cause of the middle east conflicts ? How can one separate support for the one jewish state from support of support for jews everywhere as many European leaders do ? Why is the life of a person living in Israel subjected to violence from terror  hate groups seen as less of a loss than a jew living in Europe shopping in a kosher deli in Paris? why is there is a difference between people killed by violence as if having lived in a certain part of the world and having established a jewish state makes the lives of Israeli jews lost in violent attacks justified?



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