“I thank thee “-Learning about Ultra orthodox jews: part 1

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner attended the rebbe’s graveside  the day before the American preidential election and we all know the result ..,

Here is a documentary  made by the  secular Israeli Journalists   Levy and Dankner  examining the misconceptions of the ultra orthodox who are seen by many secular Israelis are threatening and unfriendly.

The documentary begings with the lives  of  one family belonging to the Lubbavitzer  ultra orthodox jews and since there are no English subtitles I wrote down the text. 


The following documentary described the lives of Ultra orthodox jews; 

The day begins with an Ultra Orthodox family of 15 children, the children wake up saying a prayer thanking G-d , washing their hands, praying,  rituals of beginning the day every day.

 The parents  had met three times, wednesday, Thursday and decided to marry the following saturday night and have a stable marriage and a loving family life, where there is a clear distribution of responsibility amongst the older children towards the younger children. 

The mother, Miriam , knows the birth dates of every child. 

Marriage is arranged through matchmakers and inquiry through the community, asking around , investigating genetic diseases even before the couple meet, so as to prevent mismatched couples. There is a logical process and love grows later.. 

A man and woman are not allowed to stay together in a room alone, they meet in a public place then if all goes right, the parents of both sides meet to make the conditions. 

The couple is only alone on their wedding night for the first time. 

There are  official instructors who explain to the couple what to do, but the couple does not experience sexual relations before. 

The approach towards sexuality is confusing because it is forbidden until the couple is married and then it is considered a religious duty, sacred. 

There are books to instruct the couple, and the goal of sexual relations is to have a family. 

Every night is a ritualistic meal; first they have to wash their hands, and sits around the table, and until there is a blessing on the bread it is not allowed to talk .

Chasidic jews sing around the table a tune, only men and boys are allowed to sing in mixed company because singing of women and girls is supposed to be erotic , they are allowed to sing only when they are alone.

 Emotions  amongst  ultra orthodox are very great; hate, love, joy are very strong.

The lubbavitzer have a person influencing, outside the family, to advice the young people, and is led by divine guidance. 

Other ultra orthodox groups consult the leading  rabbi but the Lubbavitzers consult the letters of the Rabbe.

Whenever a chasid has a dilemma, he reads the letters of the rebbe of Lubaviter,  the holy writing, he prays and finds guidance in the rebbe. 

The mother consults the rebbe in every question and finds answers in the method . 

The lubbavitzers believe in miracles integrated in daily life. 

The children consult the rebbe through the writing of the rebbe. 

The ultra orthodox do not calculate how much children cost, they believe that finance is from above, every child brings his or her own fortune. 

The couple in the documentary works as a teacher and a kosher observer in events hall and yet they manage to raise 15 children..they believe in divine supervision . 

It is very expensive to raise children , and the government support is very little.

There is charity that provides free services of dentists, lawyers, etc. 

It is considered to be a religious duty to help others. 

In the phone book of the ultra orthodox there is a list of places that provide charity and provide for others services, things needed for babies and children, for free. 

There are many customs that seem odd to liberal people, the question is how much we are willing to learn about ultra orthodox . 



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