The distant touch-part one and two

Merchak Negia is an Israeli film about the meeting of two very different subcultures in Israel ; ultra orthodox versus Russian new immigrants. 

Since there is no English subtitles, there are only Russian subtitles , the film is in Hebrew and Russian, i decided to sum up the plot. 

The plot: 

Zurik, is a new immigrant from Russia, he is renting an apartment unaware of the location in an ultra orthodox neighbourhood.

Zurik came to Israel, served in the army and is now working cleaning windows in high risers, waiting to be reunited with his family in Russia, they are the mother who is a well known theater actress who has a secret affair with the director claiming he is antisemitic in order to motivate her husband to leave Russia. The husband is a medical doctor, and the daughter wants to participate in an ice skating championship, but instead they all leave Russia emigrating to Israel to be reunited with the son they had not seen  for a couple of years – 

The son works hard to renovate the apartment for his family, the neighbours are ultra orthodox family, they are busy with the match making of the daughter , and failed pregnancies of the mother. 

The plot gets more complex as secular Zurik falls in love with the orthodox girl, Rochale, who is about to be matched up with the son of a wealthy diamond merchant. 

The Russian family is busy with the move, the actress is busy with herself, the husband and the children suffer from her temper. the grandmother stays behind. 

The ultra orthodox are shocked to discover the Russian new immigrants living amongst them, dressing differently and behaving differently. 

The meeting of the very different subgroups is dramatic. 

The Ultra Orthodox are busy with the match, Katz. there is a complicated relationship between the two brothers, one is a restaurant owner, ( a man who had attended the same theater workshop as me in Jerusalem , by the way, years ago who has succeeded in becoming an actor) 

Rochale’s best friend is about to marry a boy who later becomes abusive and she leaves him, the topics of domestic violence, the conflict between ultra orthodox and secular jews, israelis versus russians, Israel versus Russia, life in a close knit community  where people follow their religious duties of  building a family with many rules concerning men and women versus an open secular family where people follow their passions and do whatever they want, and the duties fall on the responsible ones. 

The wealthy parents of the boy matched to Rochale come to visit on a warm day when the Russian boy who is renovating the apartment can be heard screaming at the relator for giving him such an apartment with a damaged elevator and ultra orthodox neighbours. 




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