vive la difference

Yes, the jews were once refugees and now they have a country most of the Moslem world wants to see gone disappeared not caring what happens to the people, and then you got Donald Trump putting up a “not wanted “sign , and that is not helping matters , that is not going to help bring people together against violence, it will only distract from the dire need to discuss how to avoid violence and what the role of big empires are to save the middle easterners  from themselves .

Comparing the Syrian refugees to jews has to bring into account the fact that there was not one Jewish state able to take the jewish refugees in, the local Arab leaders together with the British empire did not allow jews to go to the land of Israel, palestine, whatever they call it, while there are many Moslem lands that could take in the Syrian refugees but wait, the refugees from Syria have a land, so why are they fleeing it? because there is something rotten in the state of Syria, in a leader that is destroying his own nation because it seems that there is no syrian nation, which makes me wonder , why is it an AMERICAN problem ?

America and Russia and UK who could have bombed the train tracks leading the jews of Europe to concentration death camps, did not do so, and once again America and Russia and the UK are not stopping Assad, actually Russia is helping him and so besides this being a rotten time to say no to refugees, it is time to hand the ball back to the middle eastern court and admit an inability to help other nations in their plight. 

The jews had learned the lesson, no one helps you if you do not help yourself and despite the threat from the neighbours and from within, Israelis are not becoming refugees again, well not by the masses, in fact there are people going there to live despite the dangerous the comparison between the jewish refugees and the syrian refugees are not the same , there really is no reason for any Syrian refugee to travel all that great distance when there are Moslem countries who speak their language and follow their religion, and the impression the Moslem radical terrorists had left the western world has not been a favourable one, so why even compare?

No one should have to drown at sea, fleeing their own country, there must be pressure upon the Arab league to help save the victims of violence in Syria, and the UN must stop cooperating with the distraction game and focus on solving that crisis, not by rehousing people but by stopping the destruction of their home – 

Lessons learned by many jews: do not trust the world to solve the problem of violence

lessons that should be learned by the Syrian refugees: fight for your rights on your homeland , because there is only one homeland for syrians and that is in syria.

Trump is not a fascist in this case, he is just being honest; jews were hated too but jews had never acted in violence towards the societies in which they lived and they did not follow a fascist ideology of killing the infidels, and that is the big difference. Certainly it is wrong to generalize but if you belong to a group that follows an extreme ideology and you are not extremists then why not fight for a liberal Moslem ideology rather than export people to western countries who do not want to suffer from the dire consequences of that radical islam ideology?

Life is like that, you have to face the consequences of inaction as well as action and Trump is being honest. unkind. unfriendly but there you go..

Still, i am proud Israel is taking in some Syrian children , everyone deserves a chance, and this is the neighbours, i just wish Trump would show such kindness to his geographical neighbours..


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