why i love Tony Robbins

I love Tony Robbins because :

1 ) He comes from a challenging background and came out stronger as a result, he was raised by an abusive  alcoholic mother and had a difficult childhood and yet he challenged himself and became interested in how to challenge others. 

2)“It’s not what we got in life that makes us happy but what we become”

3) He speaks about having good habits and rituals, to change your life around. 

4) I love his energy , his honesty, his personality, is wonderful, he talks about pulling not pushing and making other people in your life motivate you to become a better person in order to help others too, not to be a self centred ego maniac. 

5) His whole persona says : energy, possibility! 

6) The three decisions we make every day: wp-1484598989270.jpg

*what are you going to focus on ?

*What does this mean?

*what am i going to do ?


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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