Exodus: fact and fiction

Anyone interested in the difference between Hollywood version and the documentary of the voyage of the ship “Exodus” can view a documentary but i think that this Hollywood film was able to express the despair of those on board the ship but the true tale as told by witnesses who were aboard the ship was a horror film rather than a romantic epic. 

Still, it is good to revist this film and open up the discussion of the fate of the people and the land .

This film is an example of how movies shape one’s opinions and view of history , but it is also an opportunity to open us a discussion and to learn the facts of this epic, the struggle of the jews under the British occupation of the land to return to live there while the British worked to appease the Arab population . 

It is interesting to watch both the Hollywood film and the documentary and compare the versions. 

My favourite scene in the Hollywood depiction is the scene where the  openly antisemitic British officer claims he can spot a jew anywhere just by looking them in the eye, staring at  Jewish  American actor Paul neuman’s beautiful blue eyes. 

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