Banning borders

The CNN interviewer made a good point: the terrorists so far were American born  and from countries not on the list however their travel to terror training camps in the middle east should have been picked up by American intelligence, the ban therefore does not make too much sense.

The protestors in San Francisco  went a bit too far in their chanting..

however i do agree that there needs to be a ban that would include the wealthy gulf states as well, and Saudi Arabia, since most of the 9.11. terrorists were saudis. 

Another matter to pick at is the fact that the  Moslem terrorists in terror acts in  America were born in the USA or came as young children or students and come from countries not listed, Pakistan, Uzbekistan etc. 


San Francisco chanting  “from palestine to Mexico, all the wall have got to go” went a bit too far ..

Maybe the lovely protestors can once visit the Hamas regime and see what sort of human rights abuse and plans of destruction ,murder and racist hate are cooked in those places ..


“I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity,” tweeted the former secretary of state.Madeline Albright. “I am ready to be registered as Muslim”

It seems heroic to be registered as someone who could be banned 

but on the other hand, 

where are all those Muslims ready to take in other Muslims in their lands?

It is sad to see people displaced, living in tents but on the other hand, 

why must displaced people seek in European or American lands their new place 

when so many of that faith , representing Islam in mosques,  speak in radical racist words against the Europeans, Americans and anyone who is different than them?

it’s not just the terrorists, it is the racist  incitement , the call for violence which is not new but should maybe cause all those who wise to rise to find another way to gain a better view..

Everyone should be allowed to travel and go everywhere but when there is a violent ideology that calls for the killing of those who are not of their particular tribal faith, then there should perhaps be an understanding that there are consequences for the silent sheep agreement by which the masses do not denounce the violence of those radicals, and even support and demonstrate for their rights to destroy, take over, and attack , without consequences so far.

Maybe Madeline Albright ought to first inform of herself what sort of ideas the religion she wishes to identify with, stands for, officially before standing up for that sort of faith . 

Though there might be one God to which to rise 

not all the ways are justified as honourable acceptable or tolerant of others, so please inform yourself before you join a cause, what you are signing up for, whether there is true  rising in the uprising. 

“Roughly 1,000 anti-Trump demonstrators converged on the San Francisco International Airport on Saturday to protest an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Friday temporarily banning asylum seekers from entering the United States and placing restrictions on other entrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Similar demonstrations took place across the country following the signing of the order, and news Friday evening that two Iraqis carrying US visas had been denied entry into the United States.

Along with anti-Trump rhetoric and criticism of the executive order itself, protesters also plans by the president to expand the barrier along America’s southern border. Walls and fences currently span some 600 miles of the 2,000 mile US-Mexico border, and Donald Trump has pledged to expand those barriers to cover the remaining 1,400 miles.

Protesters also lashed out at the State of Israel, comparing its security barrier, built following a wave of massive suicide bombing attacks, to the wall Trump has proposed for America’s southern border, with chants of “From Palestine to Mexico all the borders got to go!”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee trashed the executive order, calling it “disgusting”, while California Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom participated in the SFO protest.

Thanks a lot loving people, what does that mean” from Palestine “, does that mean Israelis have to leave the middle east too ? 

Let me just add that i had to go through a very long process of applying for entrance visa to the USA even though i come from a country friendly to US, and i do not appreciate the way the Trump protesters seem to tie up various issues, like the delegitimizing of Israel to so called liberal values, no, i am sorry but not all those ideas are equally liberal, to call for a destruction of a jewish state is not loving, liberal or rising to higher places. In my humble opinion. You want to allow everyone to enter your country , great, but dont forget that there already are very strict entrance rules, that probably do not apply to people from countries where radical islam ideology rules. so pick and choose your battles please . this is not vietnam , and this is not some horrible racist policy, this is giving limits to a very racist ideology that seems to have no borders. 





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