moving diary

moving diary

dear diary, 

i got rid of the exercise bike i had found.

In fact i had found many objects throughout my seven years of having lived in this apartment, and purchased more, here a picture, there a book, it all accumulated,

The neighbour came and got the exercise bike , i wished him luck , i hope someone will benefit from it, i never used it, though the children sometimes enjoyed moving the wheels around..

I am now sitting surrounded by my piles of unpacked books, those whom i had not given up yet.. there are boxes waiting to be filled but it is not clear how.

The strategy of a carless person is to be creative, and so i am thinking to take the books in a suitcase with wheels, and carry the box with me..and then pack the box in the post when sending it. I am still waiting to hear from the company that is supposed to fill a container .

Other than books i have lots of photos, lots of notebooks and little objects …how to pack all that?

how to pack the pretty sunrise i can see in the sky every morning ?

how to pack the sky line , the city i can see from my window every morning ?

how to pack the birds i can see flying in the sky?

I do not want to leave, suddenly emotions dictate my decision to stay, there are so many objects and things that urge me to stay, to remain in the same situation, not to risk a change..

suddenly the courage to move has left me feeling scared, i want to stay, but will i ?



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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