ally also affected


The Israeli broadcasting system has announced that Israelis will also be affected because of work visas H1  for specialists which will be limited and not permitted for those Israelis who want to be involved in Hitech. so much for D.T. being a great friend…

Israel fears citizens who fled Muslim lands may be banned by US. AFP reports Jerusalem is seeking clarifications from Washington about 140,000 nationals born in Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

The majority are over the age of 65 and many fled persecution. Their Israeli passports say where they were born.

The US Consulate in Jerusalem referred a question by AFP to the US State Department, which several hours after being asked to respond was still unable to clarify whether the ban includes Israeli Jews.

This collective punishment for several countries including students, academics ,  elderly relatives  seem to be extremely not effective in preventing terror since so many broad range of subgroups which pose no threat to US will be included in this illogical ban. The claim that this is keeping US safe does not seem so convincing when it triggers anger and rage towards US , and since all the terrorists so far were home grown terrorists and not emigrants from the countries listed, one wonders what really is the point ? being irrational? as if there was a need for more proof that these steps just do not make sense. 

As much as i dislike the demonstrators adding the Hamas cause to their large basket of causes in their chants in the air ports, the more information comes flowing in, the more it seems to not make sense to ban such a broad group, there are around two billion Moslems in the world, does D.T. seriously intend to add them all to the list? and what about the rest of the world that is also affected from his planned cut down on visas to countries like India, Israel, etc. ? is this really going to create more jobs in US if one is not allowing professional international work force to interact with American know how, to increase knowledge? Is the goal to grow more ignorant? if so, i suspect this might be achieved.  



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