Meet the Daring Young Yemeni Jew Detained at JFK by Trump’s Muslim Ban – News –

This morning i read in the Forward about a young Yemenite Jewish guy who was having problems re entering the US

My questions were:

  1. He moved his family to Israel where he said they would be safer than in Yemen then why did he not move too? Israel has excellent marketing and finance programs, and there is no need to go anywhere else
  2. If he does not like Trump, he can try Nethanyahu.
  3. What’s his attachment to America? there is a racist president and his family is in Israel, where there are many Yemenite jews who are quite happy to be there, you can find traditional Yemenite food in ever supermarket, and the people, and the spirit, so what is looking for in New York city when he already has a place he can call home? i understand many have this ideal of the great American dream but i think university is more affordable in Israel for sure than in the states and he would have lots and lots of cool friendly Yemenite jews to hang around with ,be surrounded by the culture , whether dance, song, food or people , so why does he insist on becoming American and becoming part of that melting pot? !
  4. ok i am biased but the Yemenite jews are the coolest, the brought Israel the Eurovision cup several times, even our most famous transgender singer, Dana international is Yemenite, so come back home where you belong , cool Yemenite jewish guy!




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