Moving diary continues

Moving diary …two weeks to go

Found someone willing to take everything for a hefty  price 

Called up an Elvis impersonator about the piano, was not too encouraging

second floor, he said, second floor, that is heavy.

did not have to pay anything for anyone to help me move, he said,

great, that is exactly what i needed to feel friendless even more, thanks elvis, i knew that campaign you did for jesus and a multivitamin juice was not really where i am at..but well, i tried..if i dont get rid of the piano it will have to be destroyed…

have decided to try to hold on to the table with painted flowers but if you are anywhere near switzerland this weekend and have nothing to do on a sunday afternoon, there is an indoor  flea market ..i think i will try putting up flyers …


yes, there is one thing i like about moving is having a huge flea market in the apartment not caring about muddy feet or odd people knowing where you live, i knew there was a silver lining somewhere in that cloud!!

If you need to move here is my list of positive aspects of moving to put on your fridge :


  1. new place
  2. change of energy
  3. having a flea market in your home -works well if you are an extrovert with few friends
  4. getting unattached
  5. focusing your attention to the move rather to what is in the news, what you can not change, the past, the usual problems..
  6. the important things in life will move with you and even if they dont , they will always know where to find you !

Peace, love and light

off to the dentist to fix aching tooth before take off..




About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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