airing your dirty linen in public

Somehow i ended up watching one youtube video after another;

The fascinating topic was : how i got trapped in Israel : tales of troubled people who had confrontation with the Israeli authorities…much to the delight of anti Israeli enthusiastics with middle eastern surnames..though not only-so excuse me if i will not add the link to the videos..

One video showed a canadian mother had her children taken away from her in Israel , another showed an enraged journalist telling the story of a woman who had committed suicide after her daughter was placed in a dormitory school , and she had received a note saying she is an unfit mother who had hit her children and took horrible as it sounds, i just did not see the connection to committing suicide which to me indicates of further and deeper issues than a child being taken out of a parent’s home, though it is definitely a tragic and horrific event for all sides, it just seems to me not a good case arguing against the system that sometimes intervenes in custody battles in ever country. 

Another video showed a couple of stoned young Americans filming  the dirty streets of Tel Aviv laughing in a mad psychopath laughter recalling a cat who was dying in their street for several days ..all those have one thing in common; they are meant to present Israel in a nasty distorted light. 

I was in Tel aviv last month and saw kind people  feeding street cats , and several cat shelters built out of boxes  by concerned  people during the cold rainy season so to judge an entire city based on one incident is absurd, also to claim the city is infested with mice and cockroaches, when this is the middle east after all, and the level of hygiene is not the same as New Jersey shopping mall …should it be?

The beautiful renovated streets, the  world famous Bauhaus architecture did not make it to the stoned couple’s video clip, somehow…only the dirty linen were aired out..not the pretty embroidered ones, which is a telling sign of our times, seeking attention by showing the negativity !

No country or place on earth is ideal or perfect, one can see the negative side of the cleanest, most ideal place.

the freedom house has an idex rating the countries of the world according to freedom of expression, and other criterion and according to that Israel is the only country in the middle east that is deemed free, though according to media watch only partly free, due to some miliatry censorship, as is normal in a country that has so much military action, due to its location , the neighbourhood and circumstances. 

Today, the Israeli police evacuated a settlement in the west bank , the police force received ammonia in the face, and force had to be used, but it was evacuated,but still, in the eyes of many of the world’s media, israel can do nothing right. 

Living in switzerland that had received the highest possible score according to freedom house seems indeed ideal but after having lived here 20 years i can say the following:

  1. here too the courts intervene in families’ lives in custody disputes
  2. the country does take care of its refugees population that it accepts but look how many it accepts..claiming not to have enough place..
  3. a foreigner born here can only dream to get citizenship, the stories of people being blocked from having citizenship which means the right to vote on its many issues in the direct democracy , ensuring that only conservative people get citizenship. The swiss are now voting for giving citizenship to the grandchildren of foreigners!!! how free is that ? to live in a country your entire life, and not to be able to vote or receive the rights of a citizen ? My children were born here but even after having spent all their lives here, they can only dream of becoming citizens after they jump over all the hurdles, living in the same community a length of time, paying thousands of swiss franks etc etc.
  4. The swiss you meet have a high level of xenophobia and rate the highest in the Anti defamation league scale of antisemitism. They are also the only country except Sweden to ban halel, moslem, and kosher, jewish, slaughter, claiming it is cruel yet the swiss laboratories torture animals without limits..and cows can be shot with a pistol!
  5. You can live your whole life in switzerland and yet the swiss will not accept you into their closed xenophobic circles with few exceptions appearing here and there, but unless you are extremely wealthy and /or successful or work at google , you will not have much contact with the local population .


freedom to be lonely, without rights to vote , and without contact to local people..

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