like most people

most people mutter “mother” when they are hurt 

but not them,

children of the corn ,

icons of the culture of power seeking skulls, 

modelling themselves after characters from a  Stephan king novel, 

not easily shocked by the sight of blood, or sensitivity,  

heartlessly seeking where the door leads to a better possibility, 

where to cling to something that smells of a material calculated familiarity 

rather than choosing to cling to a maternal irrationality 

they seek a paternal demigod figure 

satan stands there hugging them as they shiver

not seeing how the ice has already covered their hearts

and soon they will be submerged in the sea of anonymity 

blending in with the cheering crowds 

wearing their identity in a sports club scarf 

surface stickers of identity easily stuck on 

and nothing to do with the sort of emotional attachments 

that makes a cow cry for a calf 

as it is led to slaughter. the_scream



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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4 Responses to like most people

  1. shreyakhetan says:

    I fail to express in words how I feel after reading this .
    The picture at the end suits your poem perfectly

    • seagullsea says:

      Shreyakheten, you are so sweet and very perceptive. There is a certain unsaid rule in poetry that the important line is at the end..i can not always achieve that, but this time i think yes, very true, that was the very image in my mind..based on a bio farmer’s words describing his experience farming cows here..

  2. shreyakhetan says:

    OH MY GOD WHAT WHAT WHAT . I’m sorry I don’t want to sound stupid but I thought that the poem was on terrorism – heartless terrorists , who do not care even about their own mothers ; submerged in a sea of anonymity and blending in crowds; acting as human bombs, slaughtering humans like cows. I thought about the entire poem on a completely different level and trust me each line made so much sense ; each word filled with profound metaphors. After reading your comment , I read the poem thrice in a completely different light . Hands down woman , this was the most brain twisting poem of the day !!! Forgive this novice , for being unable to comprehend its true essence .

    • seagullsea says:

      dear shreyakhetan, yes, i think it could be that too probably is since it is the subconscious dictating , the last comment was just an observation a bio farmer made but i too am submerged in the media, so yes, it is likely to have been about that too . Thank you for that comment, it would be great if this could be that , it actually makes sense. Cultures that admire women and mothers will not tend to seek to kill ..

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