My bread box is seeking a new home

This bench has always been a good place to give a way things 

The swiss are not strong in leaving things on the street but the seven years i have been living in this street, i have found the following items:

A shoe closet

Two coffee tables 

A pretty green chair

An exercise bike

A pretty table for the hallway

Sea shells

A musical box 

a painting with word games

a glass vase

I also have placed there some items, i will do so till the move, slowly and gradually

Too many items might mean a fine, 

I think it is good to live in a place where you can find stuff and also give away stuff.

In Tel Aviv , Israel, i have heard you can furnish an entire apartment with what you can find in the street..and i intend on putting things i no longer need there too, knowing they will soon disappear taken by someone who might need them..

but here in switzerland i think it is a saturated society, a swiss lady told me the other day she wished to donate her daughter’s very nice lego set and dolls and the refugee center refused saying they do not need it..


The salvation army also rejected my offers of beds and closets ..

The piano has found a good home -bravo 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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