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This morning finding this quote made me aware of how Hindu thought and the yoga teachings go together with the core of Judaic thought; there is no contradiction. 

Yoga practice is placing the two dualities to be as one; body and soul, that means that any religious practice that sees the need for that is yoga, in my mind. 

Why are so many religious people afraid of yoga and see it as some sort of black magic? I think it is because of ignorance, if they had studied the sources that seek to inspire wonder rather than fear, they would also see the wonder and not the fear.

This morning as i struggle with a bad cold, i think of how the soul too struggles to make itself felt and heard; but will try anyway..


“The One Above desires to dwell in things below.

Meaning that a breath of G‑dly life descends below and dresses itself in a body and human person, and this body and person negate and conceal the light of this G‑dly soul . . . yet nevertheless, the soul purifies and elevates the body, the person and even her share of the world.

And what is the reason behind this purpose?

There is none.

It transcends reason; it is the place from which all reason is born.

And so it is unbounded and all-consuming.
For it is a desire of the Essence.”

-Lubbavitzer Rebbe


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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