moving diary; waiting waiting waiting

This morning i got up 

i realised that Hillel was right 

“If not for me , who is? but if only for me, what have i ?”

I am waiting for the Kurdish cavalier to come and save me, 

and move out all those things that should be removed and taken out..

but no signs of the moving trucks of the Kurdish cavalier so far..

it is snowing heavily outside and another layer of snow is threatening to fall

how clever of the swiss to have designed skiing as a sport, a way to make money out of what could have turned out to be just cold icy slippery misery

but i am still not amused , waiting around for a sign of the Kurdish Cavalier, 

my prepaid phone is empty because i did not do anything about it 

and i am waiting for the kurdish cavalier who had promised to come 

and remove the things but i am thinking if they do not come , i will find 

a solution , there must always be a solution the way the swiss had found 

a way to make ice cold slippery snow into money in skiing, i must learn to ski 

about the cold misery life sends me sometimes, and learn to charge admission tot.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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