how to build and destroy a world

He was all  excited about life about to begin and unravel ;

he grabbed a guitar and made it his own voice 

and when filmed, he would curse, no , don’t 

don’t hold this moment in a frame of eternity 

let it go 

then the chemicals got to his brain 

and his own sense of fear and lack of understanding 

of what a guiding hand is, 

led him to be an addict of a society that only seeks to destroy 

anything that is delicate and vulnerable and unique 

crush it , step all over it, because of a wiring in the brain 

to destroy what you do not understand in the ape mind 

that fears what it does not understand 

the way he used to shine and be happy and full of hope 

and now he is a slave to a society ruled by the mighty ape,

he screams at butterflies till they fly away 

and he can not see them ,

he left the musical instruments silent, 

and instead of musical notes 

he sniffs the glue 

that connects to the apes 

and blocks the beautiful eternal view . the_scream




About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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