moving diary: a continuing battle

12 days to go

The room is still full of THINGS, 


there was a set back in sending 

books today as the place that sends packages in Germany, which is so much less expensive , did not have the cardboards i needed though the nice people who work there tried to find just the right box so tomorrow i need to bring my own boxes..

PRIORTIZATION is difficult , i want to take nearly everything but i think i will have to make a priority . 

Problems that remain :

  1. Just how many books are too many?
  2. what to do with all the things?
  3. should i go to a rabbi with my torn bible? it has to be buried according to the law but do i have the time ? should i bury it in the holy land?that will mean taking up space of something more important.
  4. am i really going to read “The artist and Margarita” finally? even though the Ukranian guard at the teachers seminar in Tel Aviv praised it as an important novel ( he studied to be a teacher but did something else and now has a great job, he just sits in a booth and looks at people passing , sometimes allowing vehicles in and out )
  5. At this snail pace, will i make the flight? without the mad energy of the stressed out Kurds, i am not sure i am going to make it…
  6. which bags to pack ?
  7. what to do with various items?


Reminders : 

The dog is going . ok. focus on that. I went to two pet shops but the bag size the airline requires is unrealistic, i must call them, the dog is too long and can not be placed all crammed into a small bag like pickles in a jar..the requirements of the airlines are for chiuauas , but we shall over come ,lets hope the regulations will not be that strict..i hope the dog will not end up in a cage sent as luggage..


Am i really ready to leave Europe ? the alienation effect sort of suited me, it grows on your and i have never lived 20 years straight in any country before , so this is a big step, not to mention the children, two of whom are at adult age, and one might join me, it is difficult but i realise that they might go to other places anyway ,and it is time to make a life for myself and the dog somewhere where i can understand 100% of the words spoken and not feel like an idiot unable to understand everything being said whether in lectures or conversations, though it is improved in conversations, lectures are still touch and go.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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