out of the dark

Germany, earlier tonight

Out of the dark a small figure 

carrying a  checkered school bag 

appears ;

“May i pat the dog?”

he asks  in German

and i say, yes,

in German.

He tells me where they live

they are not allowed to have a dog

 but then, i say, 

“you can have a small animal perhaps 

a bird , fish ?”

“I have an aquarium”, he says 

not too excited

about the fish ,

but then his big brown eyes light up 

and he says how he could walk a dog 

at a local shelter on the weekend , 

and asked how old the dog is  , 

i said 12, 

and then he had asked if this 

is her final size ,

and i explained how dogs grow 

only till age one or two years 

just like children grow till age 


and how long can she live?

he had asked 

and i said , maybe 18 

or even 20 . 

“I am nine years old” , he said,

“i have to wait till i am 11 

to help at the shelter . “

I suggested meanwhile

 he could  collect smaller animals 


He said his grandmother keeps a turtle 

and he described how nice it is when the turtle 

touches his hand with its claws. 

I suggested a hamster might be nice 

and he said he would ask his parents

and said goodbye ;

swallowed by the dark 

as we got walked towards 

the train back to our soon 

not to be called anymore 


It was one of those Thomas Hardy novels 

scenes ; 

people meet in a field and exchange 


there was no field, 

just a bridge not to far 

and train tracks 

and a whole lot of dark . 

there were no stars 

to be seen. 






About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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