all the way down


comes and says

only i exist

and the world has been created only for me,

look at me

he demands,

placing his photo in a frame

this is what the world has been created for,

to celebrate me and me and me

and who serves my needs and my wants

and who is willing to be dealt the cards i choose

and to make my wishes

even if it means stepping all over you,

why should i care,

says the ego,

what you feel,

what you need,

what you want to be,

when this world has been created

to serve me

whose servant is society

who serves me

the finest cut ,

the best ,

and this is going to last and last,

says the ego

who has never known


and everything that does not serve him

does not have any right to be

or have some too,

it is only my point of view,

screams the ego,

as he blocks and takes over

the frame

so there is no place

for anyone else there

and you know

you can not live with ego

in the same world

so you step away

you simply step away

and find another way,

you go low

while ego goes to places

you do not want to know,

you go low



to know

what you dont know

but ego will always

says to know.



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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