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The other day i ran into Kabale, an African Moslem  from Ghana  who has been living in Italy half his life from the age of 16- he just spent a night in the German jail after being harassed by police when visiting his brother in Hannover Germany. He showed me a photo of his beautiful family in Africa and the wife and baby waiting for him in a small town in Naples, Italy. 

The Italians have treated him well, with dredlocks and a Bob Marley attitude, he had dared to speak up and ask the German police why they were not stopping the terrorist that had murdered people this December in the christmas market in Berlin instead of harassing him ? That disobedience led to prison for one night so the police could show him their “might”, nobody likes to be told the truth , and especially not “people in authority”, and who knows it better than i after FIVE police people had stopped by the Zurich main station to haress me for not showing my ID after a complaint had been made of a barking dog. 

When Swiss police have nothing better to do than waste ONE hour harassing a middle aged Jewish mother in the main station of zurich for a barking dog, or stopping a smiling pleasant African Moslem for telling them his opinion  , then the world is indeed going to suffer more violence, because the police are supposed to PROTECT not HARESS, but i just happened to be on a bus on my way to a dentist in Germany this summer when i witnessed how the German police along film crews showing how “nice” they were, stopped to interrogate the African couple who was on the bus, NO ONE ELSE was stopped. The police are after the dark skinned and the unusal, which i never considered myself, i was always the geek, a library mouse with an outspoken opinion, that is true, but i never met police people but once you meet the swiss police one time, you will meet them, surprise, surprise, again and i can not image what anyone with a dark skin feels like when they are excluded for questioning by the German or Swiss German police. 

Racism is not only a German or swiss German occupation but they make it look legal to bother people who do not fit in somehow in their little alpine racist vision , while the Qatar gulf state citizens can walk around in their burkas with their short sleeved sandled husband shopping in the most expensive street in the world in zurich, switzerland every summer escaping the heat of the desert, collecting swiss watches and items, welcomed , the people with opinions , dark skin or lack of will to cooperate with unnecessary oppression will be stopped. 

If i had been a tourist there would have been no problem but the German swiss obviously have a difficult time figuring me out so they need to harress from time to if being married to a bigot and a bully of Germanic decent who thinks he comes from a royal blood line that allows him to treat the jews as his property was not enough, he is absolutely immune to any police investigation because here the middle ages rule, a man may beat up his wife and children and even teach in a public school and the principal , as my son says, knows what a great teacher he is, and so some people are immune to any police questioning or punishment for violent behaviour, while others can not breath without being stopped by police for questioning and harassing. My letters complaining were simply answered “You did not show your ID”, Five police people are too much in a Europe that needs to watch its borders for potential terrorists like the one who had managed to go through switzerland to Italy where he was finally shot down in Milano which is a long long way from Berlin but then again he did not have a dark skin or showed any signs of being odd in any way, so why should the swiss police stop terrorists when they welcome them to their country to walk through because they are too busy harassing people based on skin color, religion, ethnic differences or just because they enjoy feeling powerful in a society that offers them few other challenges than bullying, and who goes to be a police officer ? mostly people with violent tendencies or they go on to become teachers who hit their wives  and children at home , discourage their own children from continuing education and manipulating them to being downsized so that they can do as they wish. 

Welcome to the world of bullying bigoting Europe , and so it is no wonder that the hypocrites spent so much time in the UN discussing the large empire of crumb of land Israel has, while ignoring its own faults, just the way too much police force is used to waste time and avoiding facing the big issues; Syrian Hitler massacring syrians, and the terror in  the middle east building up forces while the UN is busy worrying about Israel annexing a tiny tiny piece of land , because as my late mother used to say, the camel can not see its own hump. 

I have more conversations in one day crossing the border in Germany than i can have in months or years of living in Switzerland, i also spoke to a German doctor who told me he thought that the so called free societies are not free at all, and often oppress its people, and so there are some honest Europeans out there but they are unfortunately not busy with politics but with their own lives. 

I too should not be busy with politics, but it comes to me and seems to urge me to have an opinion but like i advised Kabale, better to keep your opinion to yourself and not to give power over your life to the bullying bigots, because they set up traps for people who insist on having another view , because a true tyrant only holds ONE point of view but this is something they do not teach you in school , that tyranny  exists in many European democracies and now in America too, that George Orwell was a prophet who had concluded what we live today; human hypocrisy rules, and the subjects of the tyranny must either pack up or learn to suffer and write books or paint their frustration and struggle to hold on to their own truth in face of those who were bullying others in school and grew up to have a place in society that allows them to be bigots legally . 



It might sound silly, but instead of constantly being on the defensive, perhaps it is at last time for Israel to give Europe a taste of its own medicine.
THE GULF OF PORTO in the French island of Corsica. The beautiful beaches, tranquil bays and dense forests
THE GULF OF PORTO in the French island of Corsica. The beautiful beaches, tranquil bays and dense forests conceal an otherwise ugly historical act: France’s 1768-69 invasion and annexation of the island, which was at the time a nascent republic..
After Monday’s passage of the law aimed at regulating certain land issues in Judea and Samaria, Israel’s ostensible friends in Europe wasted little time before lambasting the Jewish state in remarkably harsh terms. Mustering all the vitriol at their disposal, which appears to be boundless when the subject is Israel, the leaders of the Continent went on a rhetorical rampage that was as obscene as it was offensive.

As usual, it was the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, who scaled the heights of hyperbole when she called the law “new and dangerous,” as though resolving land disputes through compensation was an entirely unheard-of concept in modern law. But then Mogherini went further, declaring that “the Israeli parliament has legislated on the legal status of land within occupied territory which is an issue that remains beyond its jurisdiction.”

The irony of her own statement was apparently lost on her. After all, what “jurisdiction” does Mogherini have to interfere in Israel’s internal affairs, berate its democratically- elected parliament or interpret the legislation it chooses to pass? Other leaders, such as French President Francois Hollande, denounced the legislation, saying it would “open the way to the annexation of the occupied territories,” while the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolai Mladenov said that by legislating “in the occupied Palestinian lands,” Israel had crossed “a very thick red line.”

Well if European and international statesmen really want to have a debate about “occupied territories,” I say: bring it on.

A good place to start would be with some of Europe’s own colonial relics, which it greedily clings to, like a hung-over hobo grasping a bottle with a few remaining drops of vodka.

Take, for example, the island of Corsica, whose beautiful beaches, tranquil bays and dense forests conceal an ugly historical act: France’s 1768-69 invasion and annexation of the nascent republic. Despite the passage of nearly 250 years, many Corsicans continue to yearn for greater autonomy or even independence.

In December 2015, the nationalist Pè a Corsica Party dramatically won the island’s regional elections, coming within just two seats of an outright majority. And opinion polls show that two-thirds of Corsicans want to hold a referendum on independence from France.

Independence-minded Corsicans say that Paris has been deliberately trying to “Frenchify” the island, subduing its culture and language.

But when was the last time you heard European leaders, or anyone else for that matter, denouncing France for its “occupied territories”? And then, of course, there is Catalonia, where the regional government plans to hold a referendum on independence in September of this year despite opposition from Spanish authorities. Curiously, however, the Catalonians’ longing for independence doesn’t seem to elicit as much interest in Europe’s capitals as that of the Palestinians, even though the former have a much better case for a state of their own.

To begin with, there actually was a Catalonian state, albeit briefly, in the 17th century, whereas there has never been an independent Palestine in all of history. And even if one believes the Palestinians have been occupied since 1967, Spain has been occupying Catalonia for more than three centuries. That makes it a longer-running dispute, and justice delayed is justice denied. Moreover, Catalans can legitimately claim to be a nation with its own distinct language; the Palestinian Arabs cannot.

The list of course goes on, and includes places such as the Falklands.

It was 35 years ago this April that Britain dispatched a naval task force of more than 100 ships to take the islands back from Argentina, thereby reasserting their century- old colonial occupation.

More recently, in one of the biggest land-grabs in modern history, Norway cemented its hold on more than 2.7 million square kilometers of Antarctica when it unilaterally declared in June 2015 that its territory in the eastern part of the region extended all the way down to the South Pole. A white paper issued by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry stated openly that “the purpose of annexation was to subdue the land that now lies unclaimed,” and Norway asserts that the land belongs to it because it was there first.

Oddly, they don’t seem to apply the same logic to Judea and Samaria, where the Jewish presence predates the founding of Islam by over 1,500 years.

Clearly, when one puts things in historical perspective, Europe’s bellowing about Israel’s “occupied territories” is nothing more than diplomatic duplicity. This is especially true in light of the fact that Judea and Samaria are the ancient heartland of the Jewish people and the cradle of our civilization.

Unlike many of Europe’s own occupied territories, Israel has every right – morally, historically, theologically and militarily – to be in Judea and Samaria, and so we shall remain.

So next time the EU decides to holler about the need for “ending the occupation,” Israel should announce that it is sending human rights monitors to Corsica, Catalonia and other such areas, to ensure that the European occupying powers are not trampling on the rights of the indigenous residents.

And the Jewish state should also start working on some draft UN resolutions denouncing the ongoing European occupation of various parts of land around the world.

It might sound silly, but instead of constantly being on the defensive, perhaps it is at last time for Israel to give Europe a taste of its own medicine.
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