blaming no one but accepting responsibility

Thinking of all that violence 

justified by all those condemnations 

of those who build 

by those who seek to destroy. 

In Germany recently

 i had that moment of epiphany ;

standing in line in the post office 

i had a box of books with the address “Israel”

and  next to me  stood a round moustached  Palestinian

born in Jordan 

who lives in Germany , 

He said he worked in Macdonald’s and was now unemployed, 

his grandmother was born in Jaffa 

and i thought to myself how absurd that we should find ourselves 

standing in line in Germany like that 

me sending my books 

he resending a letter

and how in the world have things gone so terribly wrong 

on the way to good intentions 

and when will this violence finally end 

and people simply engage in simple human conversation?04momatravel1-master675-v2

“Despite the pain we celebrate the blessings”

by Yehudit Tayar , Bet Horon.

Today the sun is trying to break through the mist, last year this time it was freezing and snowing. Yet another of our special holidays is approaching – this one perhaps the most meaningful especially now with all of the condemnations and hate directed against our Nation, and the refusal to accept and acknowledge our eternal riight to live, build, plant and defend our eternal homeland – the Land of our Fathers – Israel.
Another holiday- Tu B”shvat the celebration of the …Land- the blessings of the L-rd of Israel for our Nation- the fruits of the Land.
Another holiday mixed with pain and sorrow forcing us to lift our hearts to the L-rd and not break from the pain.
Last year on Tu B’shvat we, the security and emergency rescue forces were called out in an emergency following an horrific terror attack inside of our home- yes- our home- Bet Horon.
Two young terrorist murderers had, following their investigation of how to penetrate the community, had broken in through the security fence carrying explosive devices and knives in order to murder us.
The penetration was only a few meters from the nursery school for our three and four year olds.
Our little ones left at 4:30 – they came in at 4:50 – and because of the snow our little ones did not plant in the small field which had been prepared for the holiday.
One of the nursery school teachers was stabbed many times but escaped and TG survived physically the murderous attack. Shlomit Krigman , a 23 year old young girl was brutally stabbed and we were unable to save this precious life. This young girl was so full of life and love of our Nation, of our Land ,of books and this precious soul was murdered on the way home because we are Jewish.
Sunday, the day following Tu B’shvat we will go up to her grave and then when we return to our home we will unvail the memorial in Shlomits memory right near the place where we found her that painful and horrific day- there are beautiful flowers there next to the memorial and this helps to overcome the pain and try to remember what Tu B’shvat stands for -the following is a translation of some of the thoughts that this young girl left ,”There is joy that remains and there is joy that disappears like a shining butterfly. I wish that mine will remain. I wish that I will know how to be happy even when it is a little difficult to be happy. That even if the joy doesn’t remain by itself, I will know how to leave it with me.”
I pray that we will be able despite the pain and sorrow as our Shlomit z”l said – to keep the joy of this chag- of this celebration of the blessings of our Land. amen.”


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