Found photo:my bat – mitzva(12years old) with my mom

One day my mother went with me to Macy’s and bought me a black velvet pants suit ,and a white button down shirt , she told me to invite my class, and set up a table with a cake with sugary pink roses .

I rarely had people over other than my two or three  best friends , since my mother did not like to invite people over, so this was a surprise. 

I had no idea that this was the celebration of my Bat Mitzvah, the coming of age celebration , since my mother did not like religion, she created her own version, without a synagogue and the only jews were random , one of the many ethnic groups that had made up Queens, New York . 

I was not asked, i was told i was going to have a party , and i did so  love my black velvet pant suit which i had wore  at every opportunity till it had been worned  out..

years later i returned to New York city, and had located our building in Kew Gardens, Queens, i rang the door bell of one of my best friends, Dara, the half  Native American  singer with whom i had sang the great hits of the 1970’s in our cement jungle. 

I found this photo and all of the sudden all the memories came floating back, there was my mother busy setting up a table, as always, constantly moving and doing and preparing, and there was i, having a great time at a party that would be my first and last party at home. 

Almost everyone from school , P.S. 99 Queens, had shown up, and i remember  Italian Gina’s mom  asking for the recipe for the falafel . I was happy , i was proud but it would be the last party for a long long time. 

School would become a place to study and attempt to get good grades and all other matters, such as  a frivolous social life and parties would be soon forgotten.

Somewhere i have a photo with some of the girls, maybe it will turn up ..i wonder what the mostly girls class are doing now ? Are they still living in New York? 

Did everyone reach their potential or are some still busy being sentimental and wondering what happened to the once optimist who had seen the world as my oyster, about to open and offer pearl after pearl after pearl..


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