Found photo:The middle east cafe:Cambridge, MA. 

This is a photo of our gang in “The Middle east cafe” in Cambridge, MA. sometimes during the early 90’s during the time  i was in graduate school in Cambridge. 

On the left is me , then a chemist whose name i forgot, his date, David Passmore phD. who was doing his post graduate work in Tufts at night in experimental physics , and Linda  H., my dear and beloved housemate from our dusty house in Somerville,  she was the only person who matched me in messy-i don’t care-i would rather read level…

Linda’s husband was probably jamming and we were gathered to listen to him perform, or another band, Linda was an expert on bands and alternative music . 

Linda had also introduced me to “A dollar a pound”, a great  second hand clothing establishment near MIT that had provided most of my garments, including the one in the photo.

I used to  ride my turquoise bike  as a means of transportation and David would insist on taking me in his van on dark winter nights , he had a huge hippy like van which  he had used to  transport his circle of spacey physicists , long before “The big bang theory”, to garden  parties with his large circle of friends ; the rat catcher  was one figure i recall , ex girlfriends , and whoever he had happened to meet, he was a people collector and at night he would set up experiments for his post PhD. at the laboratory after he would play darts and eat tortila chips in Harvard square. 

Dave offered to marry me so i could stay in America but i preferred my freedom and eventually he understood that seagulls fly , i tried to find him on social media but knowing him, he prefers talking to people while playing darts, he was the original Big bang theory physicst , physics was his life, and he lived at night , sleeping during the day, driving his friends in his hippy van, planning camping trips and parties . I wonder what he is doing now, Linda moved to Texas and is editing a magazine in Austin, and has a boy friend called Bob, the other people simply disappeared , those were special times, we all studied in our various fields, Linda was working in a nursing home and had a heart of gold, and we lived with Rachel, a red haired actress who had worked in dinner theater and never came home at night.I learned from Dave and worked on my thesis at night, biking to the University at night, those were special times when the only commitment i had was to my studies and the various schools where i worked part time illegally. 

I discovered the need for art, painted, had my one exhibit in Mass college of art in a students show and it seemed like there was never enough time during the day to see and do and hear everything that had been taking place in the Boston area, whether a good show, Judy collins concert was particularly memorable as well as the legendary Ray Charles in the esplanade, or laying on a blanket watching “the wizard of oz” on a large screen while Dave makes cynical comments trying to irritate..

Those were the good old days, the best of times, and there was no city i wanted to have been in, i absolutely fell in love with Boston and its various areas, it was inspiring , stimulating and calming at the same time, the tempo was not too fast, a bit slow, and the weather changed, the people walked in and out of my life, but our gang remained stable right to the very end when i had left, and one of the scientists had proposed marriage to my designer friend Julie, and Dave had realised i am not that desperate to become an American  by marrying him, and so the three years came to end in July 1994, and as i flew above Boston,  watching the fireworks i sensed those times were over and a new , perhaps more serious chapter in my life , would begin and put an end to those happy days of the Middle east cafe. 

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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