Moving diary moves on

The neighbor is interested in the matress

for her son,

The table will go to the dog man somehow,

This is the last bit.

Two nice men from Sri Lanka came by last night,

They offered to remove everything for a hefty sum..

Then came by a lovely English speaking lady from Montenegro to offer the cleaning.. The Swiss demand a high standard and I would not even attempt to please them, one time at a family apartment rental in the Swiss mountains I was screamed at “schweinerei”

(messy pig)

After I failed to clean according   to their strict standards-

So I do not even try..

She said she has two young boys so the toy wolf found a new home and the fake fur coat I bought years ago that made me look like a grizzly bear looked lovely on her so two birds in one stone!

I now continue to evacuate..  Letting go is hard to do it is the most difficult break up ever and this morning it had begun to rain.. Grey overcast, the dog will go to the neighbors downstairs and their chihuahua.. temporarily..

Yes I am having second thoughts but it is time to let go for who knows what will come this way?

Something good.

I hope.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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