Moving diary:last but not least

First she said nine o’clock 

then twelve 

then she showed up at four

staring at the floor. 

Gone were her smile

and pretty profile

and she had said she had 

wanted more money. 

“No one will 

Do this work”, 

She attempted, 

“I thought you were nice”

She pulled a dark rabid rabbit

out of her hat

But I did get that

While we worked 

for hours

Anticipating her



had no such intention 

of paying back for the fake fur 



for her, 

I have many rabbits

in my care

And so I picked myself

dusted my imaginary lapel

and made my way 

to the king of  Kurds

who led his army into


Removing the rubble 

and also 

my favorite coat:

Much too warm  

for the middle east

Spoke the fox

in his sour grapes

he wanted  to eat

But could not

get to it..  


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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