Safe in Germany

The chief rabbi Lau had refused 

to sleep on German soil. 

“Never again on that cursed


he had  said and had slept

across the border

feeling safer 

After a childhood spent

Attending the Auschwitz

school of not learning

the lessons of the past, 

having trusted again

those who would disappoint

again and again

and again, 

Forgetting Heine

and Mendelssohn 

and Einstein, 

forgetting Freud

and Jesus

and Klimt’s 

Hebrew  Heroines. 

How wrong was the lesson

learned of not trusting. 

Sitting listening to Germans

talking loudly on  a red sofa :

They are discussing money, 

how everything costs more

and while they complain

about the cost of living, 

they forget  life

has left so many 

with no body

to attach to, 

free to roam the earth


to  life

or price

Or people

or anything


the clouds


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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