Shosha and shellbee

The reason you do not see two dogs in the photo is because my dog, shellbee, is hiding underneath the chair where we are having dinner in a chain of cafes that offers delicious sandwiches, salates and coffee in a reasonable price. 

The old port of Tel Aviv had been renovated, it is extremely crowded on a sunny Saturday. I spoke to a father of a toddler who rolls in   roller blades.. It is wonderful to be in a society where people speak to you when you are alone and of course the idea that my children are four hours by plane away is disconcerting however the sun sea and joy of life helps ease the pain of separation, getting  Shosha as a foster dog helps… It is a win win. I was planning to attend  synagogue services on Friday night but instead found myself  hosting  Shosha who otherwise would have ended up in a cage.. 

Shosha is six years old, big, silky ginger blond fur and shellbee is almost 12 and small nervous ginger haired barking singing star. It is a good balance. 

I am refocusing and am thinking of the here and now but missing the children there far away.. 

There will be visits but having two dogs would mean added expenses but still there is a hope that my elderly dog would get over her separation anxiety and envy and find solace in a golden foster sister Shosha. 

Time is needed and already 24 hours later the bonding process is in full speed:Shosha and me mostly while shellbee hides away refusing to share our bedroom with the new cover.. 

Night fall. Sunday is the Israeli Monday and tomorrow  is a new day with lots of to do list items:connection with a local mobile phone company, registering with a local veterinarian and seeking a teaching position… 

Hopefully our new family will manage to function.. Shosha is too sweet to return no matter how difficult shellbee finds sharing her space:I separate the two and hope that they will bond.. 






About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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