We have our Helen

and he has his Helen. 

Our Helen smiles

and speaks sweet English

with a United Kingdom flair, 

his Helen demands he gets the cheese she likes and the crackers she has grown fond of, 

his Helen goes to AA meetings, 

our Helen tells children stories

in several languages, 

his Helen speaks stern English


we want to keep our Helen, 

She is sweet, 

He seeks a way to give up

his Helen

an addiction to an addict for  forty years, 

while the middle east fought wars, 

his Helen fought her inner battles 

and both battles had produced casualties. 

We want to keep our Helen

and he will have to live with his Helen 

who pays for her cheese and crackers

and for him. 

We will keep our Helen

and leave him to live

with his Helen

in his way

while we make our way

with our Helen 

As long as she will have us, 

his Helen is not to be lost, 

She digs her nails in his pockets

and stubbornly insists

he serves her as only

his Helen can

and our Helen never will. 

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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