Peaceful Critical thinking






During the last Gaza war in 2014, i was by coincidence or not, participating in the Sivananda yoga teachers course in Orleans, France. 

Sivananda’s slogan is:”Peace, love and light” but in Arabic “peace” can be pronounced as “biss”-bite in German.. 

Two years ago I had  argued fiercely for Israel’s right for self defense.. I was after all a veteran of rockets from Sadam Hussein to Hamas and had witnessed exploding buses.. 

“where would you be if the allies had not attacked the Nazi occupation forces? “I had asked the bespectaled mouse Brown haired head of the French center who had mentioned the demonstrations against the war  favorably. I  had looked through  a different pair of glasses seeing the masses demonstrating in Paris as being against    the West in Paris burning the American and Israeli flags. 

Important to note   is  that the terms” occupation ” and” nazis”have lost their initial meaning through abuse and misuse.. 

If life in Switzerland had taught me anything it has been that neutrality does not really exist and amongst  flag burners least of all.. 

Two and a half  years later and I am back in the middle east, ignoring the advice of the Indian Ayurveda doctor who told me that Switzerland was the best country in the world.. 

I had learned that “best” and “worse” are relative. 

Now that I can read the Israeli  newspapers while immersed in the loud rude part of the  middle east where I had first seen the light of day,  i pity the Haaretz left wing journalist who plays imaginary games of putting yourself in the shoes of the enemy in Gaza omitting the fascist education, the corruption and violence, treatment towards non-existing minorities and women, human rights violations towards members of their own tribe and throwing off buildings anyone daring to think and/or live differently.. 

I sit in what I now appreciate is a place of critical thinkers, not all, I dare not speak ill of Benjamin Netanyahu at the market place populated by those who view the world through black and white spectacles, however the cafe where I brunch near the dog’s playground, offers a wide range of media sources. 

“there is a negative and positive side to everything “I overhear young American women immigrants discuss their experience.. And I thank my lucky stars I live in a place where I understand not only the language but the subtext, being a foreigner is tough however tough life in the middle east can be, the food tastes so good, rain does not last, snow is rare and conversations too many.. 

War is hell but so is being a helpless victim. 

I would like to see Israel   doing so well on so many levels,  finally exising in peace so that the youth will not have to go to the army or fight, however I am aware of the fact we are in the middle east and while attempting to make the best of it, I also realize power is the name of the game worldwide and here more than any other place, only the strong survive. 

Having said that I added a beautiful soul to our family:Shosha is an amazing large Labrador mix I had picked up on the way to the market on Friday in an adopt a rescue dog day.  I am currently  fostering Shosha whose  face shows the signs of brutal  abuse but she is  still affectionate and loving and friendly, let that be a lesson to us all. 



And love

Tel Aviv, Israel 

The Middle east

Planet earth

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