Germany Israel relations

Yesterday I found this abandoned  book on a fence as if ordered for me! 

The book written by a professor of sociology and anthropology begins with the very complicated relationship between the stereotypically disciplined inflexible rule abiding prejudices Germans and the very loose traumatized prejudiced Israeli Jews choosing to come to Germany for work, study or a relationship. 

Everything is relative-taught Albert Einstein the German Jewish genius physicist who had  changed the way the world looks at the world or so we say.. 

I recommend Amos Elon’s history of Jews in Germany till 1933,the critical year when the Austrian dictator had tested the Germans and Europeans in fascism and they proved to be susceptible to intolerance, greed and xenophobic  hate. 

Some claim the holocaust was about Europeans hating Europeans of a particular origin but any Jewish person living in Europe  can attest to the Jewish identity  being a persona they are unable to shed and for which they pay a high price of being singled out if not by all or most of the local European  population then by its most despicable members. 

I don’t  wish to be stereotyped therefore I resent this tendency to stereotype:there must be messy chaotic jewelry loving Germans somewhere.. As there are neat organized rule abiding Israelis.. But this book certainly examines the Israeli tendency to test the water in swamps too and the question remains :why did our forefathers and mothers work so hard to dry out the swamps?In the  Practical and metaphorical sense? 

My conclusion is that perhaps the Jewish  tendency to wonder and wander leads Israelis to seek out new old horizons but the price paid is self esteem and waste of positive forces much needed to build a Jewish homeland proud and free of prejudiced people and hopefully this will be the goal to understand ourselves and not attempt to try to understand the other before taking the time to go within our own quite complex  psyche that leads us to seek the green pastures of someone else’s grassy not so green fields. 


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