On the street where I live, Bernie Sanders  does not 

“after all is said and done, more is said than done”

After Bernie Sanders speech on Jstreet

Bernie Sanders speaks 

On J street

Bernie Sanders speaks of a utopia

that does not exist

on any street 

Where people live and eat and hit. 

Bernie Sanders who chose

to stay out of the kitchen’s heat, 

Does not really get it:

Why fight when you can make peace? 

Why spend money on the military

When you can benefit the academic 


Bernie Sanders knows not the difference between Native Americans

and natives of the middle east,

Nor the ideals of imposing democracy

Are another form of fascism.

Bernie Sanders preaches to Nethanyau

from Vermont,

Because he does not really know

the street where Israelis live

Is not called J street

Or occupied territory 

but is a street named historically

For thousands of years

Way longer than any street

In occupied America. 


We want peace


We don’t want to fight no more

but that is not what our neighbors


It’s what Bernie Sanders wishful thinking dictates. 

So we are living in a complicated neighborhood 

On streets bombed destroyed

Above tunnels of terror

and near Iranian irony

But Bernie Sanders


the view from there

Is the view from here

Is to me

a form of lunacy. 

Rational solurions

for mad violent dictatorships

never worked out

Not in the German sttret

And certainly 

Not on a street 

Marked J. 

Bernie Sanders makes great  speeches

but in Israel it’s a struggle to keep

the street

Violent free

Not through words

And fake diplomacy 

But through a defense 

of a strong enough


It is sad

It is not pretty

It is the reality

of a neighborhood 

not with New York City

But with ISIS

who live on a street

of hate and destruction 

Not run by free democratic 



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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