The view from here

“Guess which one is Swiss and which one is Israeli? “,i challenge people who run into Swiss shellbee and Israeli Shosha.. 

Shosha obeys commends, retrieves the ball, rarely barks 

Shellbee ignores every commend in every  language and barks loudly. 

So much for stereotypes but then again Shosha has Labrador ancestry and Shellbee Dachshund ignore everyone superiority and there are a few years separating the two. 

Someone must have trained Shosha and a lifetime with me must have erased traces of Swiss German obedience. 

Feeding time is challenging, shellbee weary of Shosha’healthy appetite seems to leave some food for Shosha’s hearty appetite. 

Shellbee is learning the rules of the street keeps her distance and probably dreams of her Swiss mountain not complaining about her golden years now spent in the Mediterranean sun. 

Shosha knows she is ours now, shellbee accepts politely happy to have someone who can speak “dog” . 


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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