Every day

Everyday is international women day

Everyday is a miraculous glorious way

Everyday is going to be ours to live

out today.


The decision to buy a couch or sofa as it is called here has been postponed..

The space I have to stretch 

Practice Yoga

and play ball with Shosha is indispensable. .

last night I bought Shosha a shiny pink ball-how easy it is to please a little soul!

For an entire hour and a half Shpsha kept coming back  for the ball squeezing it to make the duck calling sounds..

Yesterday was a day of an awakening to a reality where the  dog saving group who have me Shosha  was not willing to pay for a check up to see whether her refusal to be touched in certain areas is medical or emotional.

The nice gay guy at the pet shop expressed his opinion that perhaps Shosha is simply giving limits as to what can be done to get..A lesson to us all..Limits to those overstepping our boundaries because it is the right of every creature on earth so ladies-set some limits and tell those who over step your limits-No!Stop!

A man walking with a battered bitten    mutt had walked opposite me,

“This dog has been given to you by G-d “he had said.

“trust me.I am a man of faith”

Always easy to follow a divine destiny in this part of the world.

I was amazed how time after time not normative members of society seem to be able to read my mind ..I was debating whether to keep shosha who turned out to have owners in a wealthy suburb of Tel Aviv  but was abandoned by them or to give her back,I was worried about my elderly dog shellbee not eating that morning..she seems to be offering shosha her breakfast as though she was bullied or in turn making an offering to a higher force,a dog God who had entered our lives just when chaos and lack of love was in our stars..

while I was talking to the gay owners of the pet shop,the phone rang,a job interview. .ok..I tell myself,don’t get your hopes too high..I also handed out a rather poor C.V.omitting a long list of jobs I left too soon impatient undisciplined in search of a miracle.

sometimes, I have been told,Destiny dictates a path and what you need arrives.

The guy at the pet shop had asked me

“Do you know how many dogs are put down  in Israel every year?”

1oo,000 was way over my estimate…

“so why do people buy dogs from breeders?”I asked 

“they act as if they are unaware but they know…they know”he answered in a sober no nonsense tone.

If  I give Shosha back,her chances of being rehomed are nearly zero.

“past the age of 6 months,a dog chances of being rehomed sink..”

“The dog group fights to take dogs out of death camps but if they run out of money,the dogs run out of luck”

Shosha is staying.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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