Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago on Purim

Three young Israeli  mothers  women celebrating 

had been killed by a terror attack

in Tel Aviv.

A small t.v crew gathered to film a memorial program interviewing the elderly parents of the murdered women;one was preganant .

A social worker,a doctor ,young women in the prime of their lives but short by terror .

The interviewer,a well known persons,had asked the usual questions:

Now to you feel?

what did you tell the family?

How can you go on?

I struggled to hear the soft spoken words,the traffic drowned out their answers but I did manage to pick up an elderly father describing how he and his son in laws learned to dance for a family wedding, how life goes on.

A middle aged husband  or brother described how he used to drive another way to work to avoid passing the scene of the  terror attack..he wished it had rained that day,he had expressed an opinion it could have happened anywhere..

“Excuse me”,a young  bearded camera man turned to me impatiently, 

“Can you stand  some other place?You are standing in the frame “

I apologized and walked away ,the years that were about to fall when the middle aged man had said “it was a sunny today” refused to fall. I observed the people passing by taught to toughen up somehow,to keep passing memorial sites ;this is how we survive passing through memorial sites in  Europe and suddenly it became clear why there are so many dogs in Tel Aviv;it’s not so much that they need a home,but that we need them to remind us what human nature light to be;with lots of empathy and sensitivity and an ability to keep passing through life unaware of a past or future living in  the reality of the  sunny day .


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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