the more things ch

Life never fails to surprise me, 

A woman my age sat smoking outside 

then waved in midair for service 

calling out in a loud hoarse voice 

suffocated by smoking too many cigarettes, 

she stayed outside expecting the waitress 

who was very busy

to come to her..

when it came my turn 

unable to get up without waking up the sleeping dogs,

i whispered 

my request..

feeling i really ought to get an oven 

soon and bake that eggplant dish myself 

and squeeze lemons and mint and 

serve myself 

by myself 

for myself 

but sometimes i need to take up space 

till i get that oven .

I listen to a young mother talk about 

undressing the baby and how to place the mattress 

and i wonder if i ever was that practical 

and how quickly those three babies grew up 

and got tall and able to be independent 

while i still depend on service sometimes 

to bring me baked eggplant 

and squeeze me cool lemonade 

on a warm summer day 

while wp-image-914850357jpg.jpg they are so far away . 



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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