Watch “The Middle East Problem” on YouTube and ask questions 


The West bank was part of the Jewish state proposed by the British in 1917.

A Jewish state was not an invention

The Jews scattered throughout the world as a result of two forces exiled were never recognized and fully accepted anywhere despite being born throughout generations in some countries. The minute some insane racist dictator takes over the citizenship of religious minorities are questioned and Jews are no exception.

So  what makes many media  sources view the  Jews  as occupiers and the occupiers as the native?

A lack of  basic knowledge of the history of the middle east and an even greater ignorance of the sort of value systems that predominate the middle eastern regimes .

Occupation is a term that is used in connection with fascist regimes and so the use of the term varifies a particular image that is far from the reality of the middle east, just visit and see for yourself.

I ran into a group of Australians living in Jordan who were astonished by the cultural differences  between Israel and Jordan at  such a small distance .

There is much talk about Israel not giving citizenship easily but in Europe millions of people live without citizenship even after being born there so why judge harshly one country for putting a star of David  on its flag and living in a predominate Jewish culture when all of Europe lives in a predominate Christian culture not really separating state and church and many flags bear the crucifix as a symbol and do not allow minorities basic rights to practice their religion  even in the most so called enlightened cultures ?

If a Moslem wishes to cover their hair or avoid western practices she can not do so in most west European countries and prejudgements against Moslems who are the predominate minority dictate political practices and social environments so why are so many in the Moslem world angry at Israel where Moslems can practice their religion just not practice incitement through religion?

No human society  is idealic but is Israel treating Moslems so badly when it recognized Arabic as its official language in signs documents and allows representation of Moslems whereas any Moslem ruled territory does not allow minorities similar rights?

So why is no one speaking about the lack of democracy and human rights in the Arab world?

Because habits become second nature and that becomes destiny but why not change habits and examine historical  facts not myths created by ignorance.

The middle east was occupied by empires who dictated “facts “which are not facts according to pre European history.

why not learn and study history from its sources:archeology and various artifacts not journalists or political biases sources?


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