Alex in the world

He spoke about a rabbit who would attack dogs, he described a world that only existed within the confines of his limited mind. He was a photographer covering wars , he was in charge of human resources, he had his own company and that too happened in his own mind. 

What a shocking surprise it had been to run into him in the absorption ministry in Tel Aviv..

Despite the fact that Alex lived in a world all of his own, whose details were imaginary , this time Alex outdid himself, he had explained his emigrating to Israel as a result of an antisemitic attack , a yellow star of David with the letters “Jude” placed in his post box in Basel, Switzerland. 

I , who have never claimed to be the most normative, easy to define being, have never seen anyone walking about free without supervised care, who spoke like Alex and yet he claims Israel supported his move to Israel financially despite the fact he lacked a  clear Jewish ethnic origin …i have no idea what he had told the authorities but i find it difficult to digest the fact that Israel actually supported the emigration of a man who is so clearly out of his mind while there are so many people so clearly out of their minds who are already here and across the border . 

There are various definitions of sanity , most of them oppressive and even bordering fascist to a person like me who values creativity and self defined relöaity to some extent but there are borders and if Israel in fact helped an insane man emigrate and actually supported him financially , i find it outrageous since Israel has a long long list of people who need help emigrating; the Jews of troubled areas whether Persian or Ukranian  etc. it is not that the mad and insane should not have a right to live in Israel but it is just the idea of actually importing them when their are not Jewish to a country that has existential issues surviving in a difficult area..does Israel or the world need more insanity than already exists???

There is insanity that is creative and interesting which contributes to society and there is insanity that is tragic and sad and needs the support of any society that claims to be compassionate and helping those in need , however when a society imports lone ranger insane people just because they have a fantasy they are a persecuted jew to a country where insanity is not too clear anyway and the whole idea of its existence is perhaps also a bit insane, bringing jews to live in  an area where there are the most extremist regimes in the world, well, i am not sure whether there is a need to promote more insanity , at least till we figure out how to deal with the insanity that is already here ..

As for Alex, he cut me off WhatsApp after a claim i was persecuting him with a Purim holiday greeting..and that was the end of that, or so i hope..i do not think Alex will do any harm, he will just walk around spreading imaginary stories about who he is and living every day as though it is Purim behind false personas, and after two weeks in the holy land, i dare say, he will not be alone..



and some sort of sanity..



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