late night at the lions gate 

Late night news report of a stabbing of two police people at the Lion’s gate cause me to question ;

What is the difference between shooting a terrorist with murderous intentions having chosen to attempt to murder whether anyone film the scene?

Why  a filmed incident is a cause for a court room drama even when the soldier shot an already deactivated murderer whereas any incident where a terrorist is shot dead is merely worthy of a mention in the News?

If indeed  this is a question of the value of human life then why is the value of human life greater when an incident is filmed and why is a terrorist attempting to murder worthy of a trial when his potential victims were not given  that  option?Because the Israeli side is always held to a higher standard where the intentional murderer of children is not rewarded with great honor for attacking children because they are of a certain ethnic origin as it is considered the norm across the border in peace treaty  partner Jordan. 


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